Is Playing Computer Games Really That Bad for You Essay

Anyone who has truly been into video games has experienced this.

Kids and grownups likewise think about acquiring place and playing games. They besides spend a great trade of clip reading bet oning magazines. take parting in on-line gambling forums. looking for future game releases. and of class. disbursement countless hours playing games. When they aren’t making any of these things. they’re wishing they were.

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2. Video Games Can Be ExpensiveIt cost a batch of money to remain current with the latest picture games and hardware ( console and/or computing machine ) . Many gamers spend all of their money on gambling. For illustration. it’s non uncommon for a gamer to hold 50-100 games that cost $ 40- $ 50 each. They besides frequently have at least 2 different game consoles and 1 high-end Personal computer. This can easy add up to 1000s of dollars a twelvemonth to keep a typical gamer’s wonts.3.

Video Games Can Hurt RelationshipsThere’s frequently a direct correlativity with the sum of clip spent playing picture games. and the sum of clip spent prosecuting in a quality relationship. In the most utmost illustration I could happen. there was a twosome that was so consumed with playing picture games that they ended up pretermiting their 3 kids — to the point that they were malnourished. naked. and covered in their ain fecal matters. Although that’s an utmost instance.

I still think there’s something to be said about people who spend the bulk of their free clip playing video games.My conjecture is that they’re likely non dating or prosecuting a meaningful relationship in their free clip. Update: A reader brought to my attending an on-line group dedicated to loved 1s who have been affected by their partner’s dependence to World of WarCraft ( WoW ) . Their description includes the undermentioned Do you have a loved 1 that plays World of Warcraft so much that you feel like you are a widow? This group isn’t merely for married womans.

but for anyone. hubbies. miss or fellows. female parents.

male parents. boies or girls. or anyone that has had a relationship effected by this habit-forming game.4.

Video Games Can Be DistractingAvid gamers are similar to people who smoke a batch of marihuana — in that they don’t acquire much done. Reading a good book. taking attention of measures.

composing an article. contriving something. cut downing the lawn. etc… are merely non a precedence when it comes to acquiring to the following degree or completing a game. Many gamers have things they would wish to make in life. but they ne’er get around to it. because they spend so much of their clip playing games.

Then. when they do hold clip to work on one of their undertakings. they’re excessively tired to make it. because they stayed up till 3am playing a game.5. Video Games Can Rob You Of Real Life ExperiencesAlternatively of taking a trip.

mountain biking. or hanging out with friends at a coffeehouse. gamer’s pass their clip in a practical world. Whereas existent life experiences bear long permanent friendly relationships and memories. pictures games do non. The lone pictures that semen from video games are screenshots. and the memories that are created from playing those games are finally nonmeaningful. Populating agencies interacting.

turning. acquisition. instruction. and loving — none of which can be accomplished in the practical barren of video games. † The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language.

Fourth Edition Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


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