Is Romeo and Juliet a Tragedy or a romance

Is Romeo and Juliet a Tragedy or a romance?
In the play romeo and juliet by william shakespeare I would say it is a tragedy because of all the feuds and many people die. The reason the capulets and montegues fight so much is because they fight over really small things and it does not make sense to fight over what house you are from but romeo and juliet both kill themselves. Romeo and juliet is a tragedy because charecters experience feelings of shock, sadness and hate they also fight a lot. In act three scene one tybalt and mercuitio challenge each other to fight and mercuitio loses and romeo is in shock that his best friend lost this fight. Romeo goes to talk to mercuitio to see if he is okay and mercuitio says when you look for me tomorrow i will be very ill or i will be a dead man.


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