Is the Alyn Valley A Popular Place For People To Visit In Their Leisure Time? Essay

By looking at by located % bar charts which show car park occupancy in the Alyn Valley diagram I can tell which car park was busiest at the time. By using this method I found that the picnic site had the busiest car park with 68% of its spaces occupied leaving 32% unoccupied. The quietest car park was Bwlch Pen Bara where only 18% of spaces were occupied leaving 82% unoccupied.

This means that loggerhead’s was in-between the two with28% of its spaces occupied and 72%unoccupied. By taking these results I can tell how busy the Alyn Valley was on this day but bearing in mind that it was mid morning of a weekday during a school term when there is likely to be less people visiting the area than there would be of a weekend or during the summer holidays and maybe even a just later on that day in the afternoon.On the day I made note of where the cars had come from this helped me to later draw a “desire line graph to show catchment area of the Alyn Valley” this makes it easier for me to see how far people are willing to travel to visit the Alyn Valley.

I found that people were willing to travel from up to 50 kilometres away to visit the Alyn Valley although a majority of visitors where from less than 10 kilometres away from a place called Mold. The smallest number of cars came from 41-50 kilometres with only three cars making that journey. The largest number of cars came from11-20 kilometres away with thirteen cars making that journey.

Percentage of Visitors:0-10 Kilometres = 14.285714285714285714285714285714%11-20 Kilometres = 30.952380952380952380952380952381%21-30 Kilometres = 23.809523809523809523809523809524%31-40 Kilometres = 23.809523809523809523809523809524%41-50 Kilometres = 7.

1428571428571428571428571428571%I think that for the time of year and day the catchment area of 50 kilometres is quite large because for someone to come from Crewe for a day and in the morning may seem like a waste of time as there is so much too see but so little time to do it. The further away you get from the Alyn Valley the smaller the number of people travelling to the Alyn Valleyapart from in the 0-10 kilometre range.Explanation of ResultsThe picnic site had the busiest car park on percentages because it is the smallest of the three with only twenty car parking spaces but had fourteen of those spaces occupied. Bwlch Pen Bara had the quietest car park on percentages this is because it is near to a one route trip up Moel Famau meaning if you park their there is a smaller choice of routes to take. Loggerheads had a slightly higher percentage of it spaces occupied than Bwlch Pen Bara but Loggerheads had seventy-eight parking spaces with only 21 of those occupied, so this car park had more cars parked their than either of the other two but the percentage of spaces occupied wasn’t as high as at the picnic site due to the relation between the amount of spaces occupied and the amount unoccupied.There were not that many tourists on this day because it was a weekday, late morning to early afternoon and during a school this means the visitors which were there were likely to be pensioners, unemployed and people that are on holiday. Considering the time of year I do think it was quite busy.

I believe the reason more people have travelled from between 11-20 kilometres is because it is a beautiful area with numerous sights and walks and it is so close and easy to get to and I believe people who have travelled further than this to get to the Alyn Valley have done so for similar reasons as it is a beautiful area with outstanding views great walks and it is the perfect place to go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city especially of a weekend when visitors could camp there over night and look at the stars and realise just how much clearer it is of a night in the countryside and it gets you thinking about the effects of pollution especially in cities. For the time I don’t think it would have been worth travelling anymore than 50 kilometres for the day as most your time would have been spent travelling. I believe the catchment area for the Alyn Valley is so large because of how beautiful it is, this makes people want to visit the place and also for the great feeling of satisfaction you get when you are stood at the top of Moel Famau.ConclusionI believe the Alyn Valley is a popular place for people to visit in their leisure time because it is a beautiful place and I have evidence that people want to go their from my study in the form of the car park survey and asking family and friends that have been there who loved it. This tells me that tourism in the UK is popular but sometimes people just don’t realise what’s right on their doorstep.


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