Is there anything in life worth dying for? Sample Essay

For most people.

Life is really close and cherished to them. They yearn to bask every individual minute in life and wish they could populate everlastingly. Peoples believe there is nil in life that is deserving deceasing for. On the contrary. I believe there are some state of affairss and values that are deserving deceasing for as they are truly of import. Conversely. I consider there are some affairs that tempt people to decease for.

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but are non worth it.For illustration. if person put a gun next to my friend and father’s caput and asked me to take between them. what would I make? Would I take? No. I would hold volitionally succumbed my life to deliver my loved people. Why would anyone make such a brainsick thing? Affection and trueness to equals and household is what insisted me into doing this determination.

My household has ever supported and guided me to a righteous way of life. In fact. giving my life for them is the least I can make. From what I recall. friends are supposed to assist and take attention of each other at all times.

and as a friend I am besides entitled to that responsibility. If I had chosen between my equal and male parent. I would hold been excusatory for the determination everlastingly. What is life without friends and household?Friendship and household are non the lone values I attention of. There are some rights that I am obliged to and which I am eager to give up my life for. I believe it’s my responsibility to protect ain rights. If person seized my right of freedom or address.

I would decidedly arise back to get my rights even if the effects were terrible. At least there are some opportunities that my actions would be influential on people and I would be considered a sufferer. Besides. I feel the chance of life in USA. one of the most comfortable states. is a fortunate privilege for me. Like any loyal person’s duty.

I am ready to support and protect this state at any cost.There are other affairs like money and celebrity that enticement and attract people to the way of decease. Money and celebrity are one of those issues that every adult male longs for and is ready to give up anything ; finally this hunt leads to an ineffective decease. Since my sentiment contradicts most people’s thought. it doesn’t average I am right. I know there are different people in this universe and different people have different positions. The people who believed there is nil in life that is deserving deceasing for likely had excessively much in interest or their whole life revolved around merriment and they didn’t want to lose their life under fortunes.

Peoples. who thought like me. were likely highly devoted to something and couldn’t imagine life without it. After all. the sentiment reflects the person’s character and his beliefs.I presume that.

without certain facets. life would be hard to bear for me and deceasing is sometimes the lone manner to show our dedication for something one believes in. However.

there are some affairs that are non worth of giving up life for and there are some state of affairss that are. Anyways. different people have different sentiments and in such instances. people frequently disagree with each other. Since the issue was purely a affair of sentiment.

I would non take a firm stand that my positions were right.


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