Isis: Terrorism and Richest Terrorist Group Essay

ISIS is the biggest terrorist army in history. It has caught people’s attention all around the world and needs to be stopped immediately. Published by the Boston Herald, scholars Steven Buck,James Philips, Charlotte Florence, Hell Dale and Peter Brooked met up to make an article about the ISIS. “ISIS Is a clear, present danger. ” Before reading this article I had never discovered SIS’S.

I never would’ve thought that a terrorist group could cause so much sadness and hate. I didn’t know that terrorists could form an army and just decide to destroy people.When they say convert, Join us, or die,” they not only mean it, but they will follow through with terrible effect.

I never watch the news or read the newspaper so I didn’t get the chance to hear about ISIS until now. It is absolutely sickening how people in this world can be. Now after reading this article, I learned a lot about ISIS. I learned that ISIS became a huge success so quickly. They even use social media to advertise themselves as a killing group.

Their Youth and Twitter page show that the West Is their target. The ISIS Is rising to the top to the point where the terrorist group, al-Qaeda, want to come together with SIS’S. The al-Qaeda control no territory and Is dependent on Afghan and Pakistani and Salamis militants. The leaked is forced to live a clandestine existence under the constant threat of drone strikes; while everyone in the world know about ISIS and how they harm people. The leader of ISIS, ABA-Baker al-Baghdad, is a charismatic leader who claims descent from the Prophet Mohammed. He has much more personal appeal for young Muslim militants than al- Qaeda leader Amman al-Chair. Most people are aware that terrorist groups control almost everything.ISIS lone controls electricity, extortion racket, and exports OLL and gas.

“ISIS Is the richest terrorist group In history,” as stated In the article. ISIS robs banks, controls OLL fields, and pockets a huge amount of money from ransoms. Robbing Mogul’s central bank yielded more than $400 million in gold and Iraq currency.

It controls oil fields in Syria and Iraq that generate income. How can people who were once so low in the world now be a group of terrorists who are an unstoppable army? Their army controls the size of Maryland! ISIS is the most heavily-armed Salamis extremist group in history.They captured huge amounts of military weapons and equipment in Iraq and Syria.

It is easier to travel across the border of Iraq and Syria than it is to travel to Pakistan or Afghanistan. The amount of disrespect this group has caused is disgusting. They should be embarrassed, not happy about it.

After watching a video and looking up more Information I feel sick. ISIS needs to be stopped. In conclusion, after reading and watching the news about ISIS, all I have to say Is how sickening and heartless how people can be In this world. ISIS Is not Just a error group, it is an unstoppable army.ISIS attracts recruits from the Middle East, understand how much pain they’re causing others? Don’t they realize whoever they just killed belong to a family? I hope sometime in the near future this group stops and realizes what they are doing is hurting others. Everyone needs to be at peace and go back to their country.

If their group is so “religious” as Eve heard, what makes them want to harm others for no reason? This all needs to end soon. They need to get bad karma and rot in hell. My source for this essay is the Boston Herald.


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