Islamic Spain Essay

Throughout history, Islamic Spain represents one of the most cultural eras in Western (European) history down to the present day.

The water wheel, the astrolabe, the lemon tree and Aristotle lost philosophy all arrived in Europe through Islamic Spain. Churches that are architecturally similar to Muslim mosques and the roots of modern medicine and mathematics are Just a couple of the achievements that form the legacy of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim cultures collaborating in Spain over seven centuries.Three religious groups (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) were able to sexist In AAA Andalusia, much like today. Tolerance was a key aspect to AAA Andalusia, enabling It to thrive as well as It did. Tolerance Is also an Important part of today’s society. For example, the united States Is a very culturally diverse country. Americans come In all colors, express all types of religions, and speak many languages from all over the world.

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The people of the United States represent an array of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, all of whom help to make up the complex picture of what it means to be an American.The united states Is often ascribed as the “melting pot. ” Its rich background is a result of the flood of immigrants from around the world. The united States has welcomed more immigrants than any other country, (more than 50 million in all and today welcomes almost 700,000 people a year.

Americans have, of necessity, placed great value on diversity; ethnic groups have renewed and celebrated their heritage; and the children of immigrants often grow up experiencing the languages, traditions and cultures of both their American and foreign heritages.Religion has played a significant role in every aspect of American life and culture. The united States has always been a country of diverse peoples and faiths. From English Protestant reformers fleeing religious persecution at home, to Spanish and French Catholic colonizers, traders and missionaries, to Dutch Reformists, Anglicans, Quakers and others, even in the earliest days American colonies were home to a range of different faiths.

Today, the amount of religious believers has exponentially grown. The united States now contains about 2,000 different religions.Americans are Protestants, Catholics, Atheists, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Taoist, Hindus, Zoroastrian or Sikhs, among many other faiths. However, Just like today, there was a fair amount of religious tension in the ancient land of AAA Andalusia as well. Many Christians and Jews resisted Muslim rule at the beginning of the invasion. There were small outbursts of rebellion, including the time Eulogies of CORBA encouraged Muslims and Jews to convert to Christianity, and publicly denounced Islamic teachings.

Although Christians and Jews experienced great religious and social freedom under Muslim ale, they were not granted specific rights that were exclusively for Muslims. Certain religious practices like chanting, church bell ringing and processions, were also censored by law, although the enforcement of these laws varied from region to region. Small remnants of religious delimitation still exist today. Americans are protected under the First Amendment to practice religion freely, however, hundreds of countries are not protected by their government, but harassed by them for their beliefs.Muslim women who wear a hajji have been fired from jobs, denied access to Omen who wear hajji are extremely vulnerable to discrimination and have become targets for harassment in the aftermath of September 11. No other period of European history better demonstrates different cultures collaborating than that of AAA Andalusia’.

In the story of Islamic Spain, we see what successes may be achieved when communities of each of these three faiths Join together to construct a common culture and, by contrast, how narrow minded crusaders may divide and bring down a creative, multicultural society forever.


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