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First of all I would urge that you use Raid-1 as your fault-tolerant hardware. RAID-1 is most frequently deployed with two discs. The discs are mirrored – supplying mistake tolerance. Read public presentation is increased while write public presentation will be similar to a individual disc – if non less. A individual disc failure can be sustained without informations loss. RAID-1 is frequently used when mistake tolerance is cardinal and there isn’t an exceeding infinite or public presentation demand. For the backup of sphere accountants.

you should utilize a dedicated local disc – agenda backup – and the transcript the disc content to tape/secondary storage. You should install/promote another sphere accountant in the same sphere for redundancy.Your recovery process in instance of a individual DC failure in a sphere with multiple sphere accountants should affect cleaning the metadata. put ining a replacing waiter. and advancing it to a sphere accountant ( and prehending FSMO functions if required ) . Equally long as there is a working sphere accountant in the substructure.

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you should retrieve from an Active Directory sphere accountant failure by constructing a new sphere accountant. fall ining it to the bing sphere. and leting Active Directory reproduction to update it to the current province. The lone clip you should utilize sphere accountant backup images is when the failure has resulted in loss of all the sphere accountants in the substructure or if one or more objects have been deleted from Active Directory by accident and demand to be magisterially restored.


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