It’s summertime

It’s summertime! So why not make the most of it smoking with an electric cooker wood chips – a great summertime activity as enjoyed by many? Gather your loved ones (family and friends) and let them please their senses with a rich, smoky aroma that they will find irresistible.

What are the best wood chips for an electric smoker?

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The best wood chips for an electric smoker are those little pieces of wood which are used to improve the flavours of the meat being cooked.

People have long been relying on traditional smokers that use coals, but this is certainly not the case with electric smokers. Using them is as easy as 1-2-3. Electric smokers are undoubtedly designed for your comfort as you don’t need to keep an eye (as in checking or monitoring) all day long when your food is being cooked.

Of course, you want the best taste in your food. Considering this, you need the best wood chips for your electric smoker. If you don’t use the right wood chips, you will never get the kind of taste you want in your food that you have been accustomed to.

So what are different types of wood chips for an electric smoker?

There are different types available in wood chips for your electric smoker. That way you can easily use one taste when you are smoking chicken and the other one when you are smoking pork butts. Can it get any better? Moreover, there is a huge difference when smoking every wood. So you get to smoke your appetizing meat with mild or strong smoke flavour (after all, it depends on your taste).

Here are some of the best wood chips for an electric smoker:

1.Weber Apple Wood Chips

These chips are the most suitable option to use when it comes to adding apple wood smoke taste to your foods. Truth be told, they can work to your advantage for briquettes as a grilling heat sauce.

These wood chips are one of the most admired among people fond of smoking as they produce a sweet taste. This taste seems quite feasible for game birds, poultry and pork as well. So, if you’re looking for toothsome flavour to your meats, settle no less than Weber wood chips for your electric smoker. Not only do they produce lighter smoke, they are one of the best cooking woods. Need we say more?

2.Jack Daniel’s Wood Smoking Chips

How about adding a tinge of whiskey flavour to your food you are cooking on electric smokers, charcoal and gas grills? It’s time you savour a unique whiskey flavour with Jack Daniel’s wood smoking chips.

These are the chips which are acquired from the barrels used in old Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. During the normal process, the whiskey is taken in and out of the wood. That way what you get is the whiskey which not only has one of a kind colour but flavour too.

Have fondness for Jack Daniel’s whiskey taste? You cannot afford to miss out on BBQ smoking chips.

3.Peach Wood Chips

Ever drank peach tea? Or, used peach shampoo? If so, then you’d know that peach is quite a strong flavour. If you have liking for that fruity taste, you will definitely fall in love with peach wood chips.

4.Western Hickory BBQ Smoked Chips

Do you know what are the most preferred wood chips for cooking ham, pork, poultry or beef? They are the hickory wood chips. Hands down! The Hickory BBQ smoked chips by Western have gained immense popularity among experienced smokers. And they can be used with an electric or propane smoker. You can also use them with charcoal grills.

If you are looking to generate an extremely heavy and strong bacon flavour, adding hickory BBQ chips will be the best bet.

5.Western Mesquite Wood Smoking Chips

A lot of people have extensively been relying on Mesquite wood for smoking. Why? Because it is simply soaked in sweet, strong and hard flavour. Mesquite wood chips are normally used for the purpose of adding a wood smoky flavour to any food item which is cooked not only on charcoal and gas grills, but electric smokers as well.

Treat your family and friends with a great, smoky flavour that will find it hard to resist. These smoking chips are an ideal option for rich meats such as duck, beef, lamb and chicken. Moreover, they can be used for giving a great flavour to seafood as well as vegetables.

6.Western Pecan Smoking Chips – BBQ

Another wood that gives an amazing flavour to your foods is Pecan wood. So why not give a try to Pecan BBQ smoking chips, if you really want to add a great flavour to the meat?

The flavour as boasted by Pecan is not only sweet and spicy, but bold as well. In fact, it works just fine with beef, pork or poultry. Make the most of numerous possibilities with Western wood smoking chips. We are sure you would not ask for more.

7.Oak Smoking Chips

One of the most common woods, every household has at least one furniture piece made out of oak. However, it is not very common when it comes to smoking. It is a premium quality wood and recommended to use with dark meat like beef or lamb.
8.Walnut Wood Chips

Walnut wood chips seem pretty interesting because they yield strong and heavy flavour. Have these wood chips combined with milder ones if you do not want the former to take over the complete flavour. Milder wood chips will reduce the flavour of walnut chips. Can it get any better?

9.Alder Smoking Chips

Alder is a tree found in the Northwestern area of United States of America. People have been using this tree for many years now. In fact, Alder is one of the first wood chips used for smoking salmon. So you can now assume that it works well with fish. These chips work fine with light meat like poultry.


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