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Jakob Armitage
English 2 Hon
20 April 2018
The Effects of Music On Us
The mysterious powers of music influences and lures many to its pumped up beats, enchanting vocals and its harmonious rhythms. Music has the innate capability to bring people together, form trends and even boost morale. Music also has the proper tool kit to shape us as people and is able to construct our identity. Everything about music affects everything about us. The emotional power of music affects us in multiple ways like, our brain and human society.
At first seemingly supernatural, music can all be explained in depth by rowdy researchers devoted to the psychological sciences. Interestingly enough the effects of music on our brian and mental state has led to a new branch of research called, Neuromusicology. One example of how music affects the brain is comparing a brain of a musician and one of a person who loosely listens to music and the results are clear as day. Musicians have a, “superior working memory, auditory skills, and cognitive flexibility”. Their brains also have obtained, increased “motor control, auditory processing, and spatial coordination”.(Belinda 2). Also for the casual listeners it’s proven that “One of the first things that happens when our music enters our brain is the triggering of pleasure centers the release dopamine, which makes you happy.”(Ashford Staff 1) “Research has “also” shown that listening to music is associated with upicks in immunity boosting antibodies that protect against bacteria.” (Ashford 2). Music has a variety of effects that influence its listener as seen before but music also affects our human emotions. One age group that listen to music almost religiously is our adolescent population. ” The music alters and intensifies their moods, furnishes much of their slang that dominates conversations and provides ambiance at their social gatherings.”( Kathleen O’Toole).Those who listen to heavy metal and rap have higher rates of delinquent activity, such as drug and alcohol use, poor school grades, arrest, sexual activity, and behavior problems than those who prefer other types. Considering how music choice is reflective of behavioral patterns in adolescents, and also considering how music has the power to evoke mood changes in its listeners. Many studies have shown that worlds teen population is actually most affected by music due to the results of puberty and the fluctuation of hormones present in the common teen body. The already powerful effects of music combined with the intensive influences of hormones creates the seemingly outlandish, rebellious and emotional teen society the world has seen this past few decades. One case of music changing teen lives is when the famous rap artist Logic released the song “1-800-273-8255” in 2017. The song focused on helping teens affected by depression, sexual identity, and bullying. CNN Ben Tinker reports that ,”The opening lines of Logic’s most successful song to date are, quite literally, a cry for help. The title of the track, “1-800-273-8255,” is the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.”. Logic’s new song flew up on the leaderboards, reaching the ears and eventually into the hearts of millions of troubled teens around the world. The songs entire goal was to reach out to the adolescent community which it completed its goal 100%. The next way music affects us as humans is our society.
Humans are already very social creatures with super advanced methods of communications. Though some would look at music as a small footnote in the progression of humanity, it is in fact a much greater force; for some, it defines their very existence. The fact is, music is a driving force in society; it has been present since the dawn of man. Integrate those historical hit songs into human society and it creates trends, traditions and go to feel good anthems. On a personal note when I listen to “that song” that I can jam out to, I always suggest it to my friends and if they like it we jam out together. Then my friend tells another person about that super awesome energetic song and on and on. Plato once warned, “Musical innovation is full of danger to the State, for when modes of music change, the laws of the State always change with them.”. There were times and places — in the Europe of the Middle Ages, as an example — where music might remain largely the same for hundreds of years,” writes Selwyn Duke in “Influential Beats: The Cultural Impact of Music.” And it is no coincidence that in medieval times something else also remained quite constant: culture. Ever since humans had the ability to properly express themselves without the all powerful church breathing down your neck like back in medieval times our human culture has changed significantly. Not just culture but the music that affects it also has changed largely, from the classical opera and orchestra to the technological flows of modern EDM. Nowaday the pop genre is flourishing with it taking over modern leaderboards. Pop mostly consist of upbeat rhythms witch mirrors many common trends in modern human society. Rap and r;b has also made a roomy home in modern culture with alternative and rock. What I’m saying is each genre of music i’ve listed mainly encapsulates certain emotions like rebelliousness, love, lust, being thug, emo, happiness and even loss. For example in the song “All Along The Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix a joker and a thief portray emotions””There must be some kind of way out of here,” Said the joker to the thief,
“There’s too much confusion,I can’t get no relief.”. This sets the tone in the song giving it a mellow and also continuous feeling of sadness. Like previously said, certain types of music can portray emotions. Which in turn lets humans listen relate and put in action. All those actions create a person in which music is an essential part of. Music taste and genres are ever changing bringing with it human culture.
Music is an integral part of the ever expanding human experience influencing our brains, emotions, physical movement, youth community, culture and even our history. “Music is one of the most ancient forms of art, and one of the most beneficial for human beings as well. Music deals powerful, positive effects on the human body, reducing risks of heart diseases, cancers, enhancing the immune system, and reducing chronic stress. “(Tryon Daily Bulletin) The unexplainable urges of music flucawaits every human soul and shakes them to their core. Its completely unstoppable and will evolve with humanity. Music will always make us tap our foot or bob our head to that trending song on the radio. Music is enchanting and will always be there in the moment, making life magical and influential, let it take you.

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