Jane Eyre Essay

Director Cary Faking in his adoption of Jane Ere (2011, uses a variety of film techniques to reveal key Ideas and to engage a modern audience. Set In the Victorian Era In England, Jane Ere tells the story of weekender young woman who overcomes tragic life circumstances before embarking on a Journey searching for independence, a sense of belonging and the true meaning of love.Faking uncovers the theme of isolation and loneliness through different sound effects and music, whereas the idea of emotional despair is illustrated carefully through different camera angles. Cane’s characterization throughout the story emphasizes her courage and spirit.

Faking portrays the dews of isolation and loneliness through the film techniques of music and sound effects. The director shows this by adding non-dietetic sounds to the dietetic sounds in the movie, representing this in the opening scene, which depicts Jane running across a field, crying.There are many dietetic sound here such as, the mind howling, ex. thunder, Jane crying and leaves crunching under her feet, which sets the scene for the audience. Subsequently a sad and lonely violin tune Is heard, making the audience empathic with Jane and adding emphasis to the sadness of the dietetic sounds. This also makes the audience curious as to what the cause of her distress is. Later in the movie, Faking highlights the pain of isolation and loneliness through sound effects, which is heavily displayed when Cane’s Friend, Helen, receives a edge as punishment for ‘misbehaving’.

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During this scene the only sound heard is the whipping noise; emphasizing the characters pain, which subsequently causes the audience to feel empathy for her by this highlighting of her pain. Fustian’s use of music and sound throughout the movie is effective in making the audience feel empathy for Cane’s loneliness, pain, and Isolation. Faking presents the theme of emotional desolation through deferent camera angles and positions. This theme Is revealed in the scene at the opening of the movie when Jane arrives at the crossroads.The director uses this scene to demonstrate emotional despair by using a diverse range of camera angles, such as using a very low camera angle to display Cane’s pain and sadness. A Tracking camera shot is used to make the audience feel connected to Jane. Following this, a bird’s eye view shot is used to show Jane at crossroads, heightening the dews that she is small and insignificant against the landscape. The crossroads also symbolizes of the choices that she has to make.

This idea is exposed in the flash back scene of Jane Ere at Elwood School, dews she s ignored and made to stand on the stool for the rest of the day without food and water. Faking uses a variety of camera angle shots to show the emotional despair dodged Jane Ere at Elwood. A mid shot is used to make the audience feel like they are in the scene with Jane making them feel the same feelings as Jane.

Following this, an upwards looking shot Is used to make the audience feel her QED and Isolation. The director’s use of a variety of camera angles shows the emotional despair Jane goes through during the movie.Director Faking Illustrates Cane’s courage and parity through the characterization of Jane in the movie.

This is shown in the scene in The scene shows Cane’s courage and spirit through her ability to stay strong even when she is upset. The actress demonstrates this through her characterization. The actress’s body language such as sitting up straight and holding back tears show Cane’s strength. The audience is impressed by Cane’s courage and spirit in this upsetting situation, as she is able to not become too emotional. Fustian’s characterization of Jeannine shows her courage and spirit, highlighting to the audience how important courage is.

Faking effectively uses the film techniques of sound effects, camera angles and characterization to covey the ideas of loneliness, emotional desolation and courage. Ball searching for independence, a sense of belonging and the true meaning of love is resolved when she reconnects with Rochester and finds her place in the world. A modern audience continues to be engaged by the story of Jane Ere due to the suspenseful nature of the gothic romantic plot and its distinctive characters who challenge and evoke a range of emotions.


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