Jaws Half Analysis Essay

After the 4th July attacks and Brody realising it could’ve been his son in the shark’s stomach, he goes out in search for the shark with Hooper and a man called Quint who is hired in to help find and the kill shark, they go out on Quint’s boat called Orca.The three men set sail on a journey to save the citizens of Amity Island and open the beaches without worrying about anymore tragic deaths.In this scene the first thought of the shark being present is when the fishing rod starts being tugged from below the sea, Quint’s and the audience’s expectations are heightened. Quint starts to strap the rod to himself, it all goes very quiet then Brody cheers because he finally ties a sheep shank in a piece of rope, then the line starts to get pulled far away from the boat, we hear the line unravelling very quickly.

They start to reel the line back to find there is nothing there.First site of Shark whilst HuntingThe camera fades from the boat sailing into Brody tossing some bait into the sea, all goes quiet then Brody says a line whilst still tossing bait and the Sharks open mouthed head comes out of the water, at the point of seeing this part the camera is positioned so that Brody is on the right and where he is tossing the bait is on the left so it makes us feel why are they not just looking at Brody? Why is the water there too? Brody then jumps to his feet startled at what he has just seen, the camera then goes on to Quint inside the boat and Brody walking back and says one of the most famous lines in the film “your gonna need a bigger boat” Quint comes out to look, the camera changes to a tracking shot of the shark swimming towards the boat the theme tune starts and gets louder as the shark gets closer to the boat.The music then changes slightly to a spookier tune as the shark swims past the boat.

Quint, Hooper and Brody are all very shocked after seeing how big this shark is. The music then changes again and speeds up to create tension.There is now lots of commotion and speedy music as the three men prepare for the capture or weakening of the predator.Tension then increases with Hooper rushing to put a flashing light on a barrel, Quint fires a harpoon with a barrel joined to it by rope, at the shark, the shark swims out taking the barrel and almost Hooper.

The camera then follows the barrel being taken further away from the boat, the music then goes quieter and then stops as the barrel is taken below the surface.”Show me the way to go home”The camera changes to the next scene of Hooper, Quint and Brody inside the actual boat and it heading towards night time and each comparing their injuries over the years.All three men laugh a lot about the different injuries and how each story is told also laughing maybe because they each have had a little to drink.He then stops laughing as Quint starts telling a very graphic story about a tattoo he had removed about being in the Indianapolis.Quint starts singing a song, then Hooper starts a different up beat song. Brody and Quint join in, they get louder and bang their hands on the table making it hard to hear anything outside or around the boat.

The camera changes to the boat in the sea and the barrel floats into shot with the men singing in the background. They do not hear the shark attacking the side of the boat because they are singing loudly. They then stop singing as they start to realise their boat is shaking a lot, the shark continues to smash into the boat then water starts spurting in.The lights go out which makes this scene very spooky and dingy, Williams’ theme starts up once again.Quint starts shooting at the shark but achieves nothing out of it. The music goes quiet, the camera switches to Brody getting out a little hand gun and the scene ends with Brody on the left, the night sky in the background on the right and a shooting star goes past.The Morning AfterThe next scene Hooper and Quint are fixing the boat after all the water coming in the night before.

Camera comes off the boat and into onto looking at the sea and the boat in the background and the barrel shoots up to the surface. Quint and Hooper start to pull the barrel in and the Shark again comes up to the surface open mouthed and then swims away. Brody goes to make a phone call to the coastguard, then Quint comes up behind him with a baseball bat and smashes the system up.The theme tune starts again, the shark swims past the boat. The music gets louder again creating tension and suspense.

Quint fires another harpoon with a barrel at the shark. The music, although there is a shark with them, is very cheery and pleasant at times when the shark is swimming away as if it is scared. A third harpoon is fired into the shark.The shark swims away from the boat, the barrels bob up to the surface and are not moving, just floating together.Everything goes quiet as Hooper and Brody start to reel in the barrels and they tie the ropes onto the boat. All three men stand watching where the shark is swimming by looking at which way the ropes are turning. The camera goes to the points of view of Brody, Hooper and Quint looking at the shark.

The shark finally breaks free, everything goes calm. The camera shoots down from the sky on the barrels turning round and heading towards the boat with the calm sensation now going, fear takes over. Again Williams’ theme is played in the background. The music stops as the shark swims under the boat.The shark finally gets bored and swims away after circling the boat.Shark CageIn this part of the film Hooper is getting ready to get in the shark cage and go down only a few feet away from the predator. Hooper now in the cage and waiting, it is very quiet with no sign of the shark.

The theme tune starts and in the distance, from Hooper’s point of view, we see the shark. The music stops and it goes very quiet again and the shark goes out of view. All of a sudden the shark smashes into the cage from behind Hooper, in shock Hooper drops the harpoon tranquilizer.

The camera goes to the bottom of the sea and focused on the harpoon sinking and settling on the sea bed. The shark starts to vigorously attack the shark cage to get to Hooper. Hooper swims out of the top of the cage and hides behind a rock.

They were very lucky to actually get some real footage of the shark getting trapped in the shark cage and struggling to get out.Brody and Quint bring the cage up after seeing the shark attacking it and then escaping, to find Hooper not there and a destroyed cage. The shark starts swimming towards the boat and jumps up onto the stern of the boat. Water starts to rush onto the boat, Quint slips on the water and gets pulled down and into the sharks mouth, from his waist down is inside the shark’s mouth, the shark takes a few bites, now chest down in the sharks mouth. Brody just stands watching in fear as his companion is being brought down to his death.

The camera now and again zooms in and out of the shark and its mouth and it attacking Quint. The Shark takes another bite and what is supposedly a blood bag in Quint’s mouth explodes which then shows realistic looking blood now pouring from Quints’s mouth. The Shark then backs away and goes underwater with Quint’s dead body just hanging out of its mouth.

The EndingBrody now alone on a half sunken ship, petrified of water as it is, goes into the boat cabin stumbling over floating objects inside the boat. Brody walks into the shot of where the camera is filming, then walks out of the shot, the shark breaks through the window and swims in with biting jaws in search for more. Quick thinking Brody grabs an air tank, throws it into the beast’s biting jaws. The shark backs off and goes under water. The boat starts to tip over.Williams’ theme starts to play for the last time, Brody grabs a gun and climbs to the highest and furthest from the shark being the top of the mast.The music starts to get loud and screechy. The shark comes up from below Brody and the mast, the camera goes close up now and again of the shark trying to get to Brody.

The camera continually switches from Brody doing the stabbing with a harpoon to the shark being stabbed by Brody. The shark once again goes back under the water and swims away.The boat is now fully underwater except for the mast which Brody is holding onto. Brody fires several times, aiming for the tank still in the shark’s mouth but misses. The shark is now getting very close, which is making this last scene very tense. The camera switches from Brody shooting and the shark swimming. The music starts to get louder and higher pitched.

Brody then says another of the films famous lines “Smile you son of a . . .

. .!!”At that point Brody takes his last shot at the air Tank in its mouth, the tank explodes showing the shark head being blown to smithereens. The camera goes to a long shot of the body parts flying away from the explosion. The camera then goes back onto Brody laughing and relieved. Spooky mysterious music plays as we see the remains of the shark’s body sinking down to the sea bed.

The camera goes onto part of the sea, bubbles rise to the surface, then Hooper comes to the surface and has a look around and sees Brody floating on part of the boat. Hooper swims over to him, they laugh together last humorous sarcastic lines of the film are Brody- “I used to be afraid of the water”Hooper-“I can’t imagine why”The end credits start to role in with the camera on the nice pleasant beach.Tension and SuspenseIn the end, tension and suspense was built through mysterious music and different camera shots. The main thing that builds suspense is the Theme tune wrote by Williams which plays whenever the shark is present or is going to be present.And tension and suspense is also built through Spielberg making the audience expecting something to happen and the characters not expecting anything to happen.


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