Jethro G

Jethro G. Albano BSCS-III Humanities 1

Humanities as the State of Confusion
In this generation of gadgets, science and technology, the concept of liberal arts degree are, somewhat, relatively useless. It is a common question heard today, what would an English literature going to do with it, besides teach? The question isn’t new. Because of technology, our society today is immersed and tangled into vast chunks of data and digital connectivity that makes the essence of human culture, nature and human articulate slowly fade out from the thoughts of people. It may sound negative for humanities students and faculties, yet it is the actual truth, and as they say, the truth hurts. But, there is a twist on these negativity and on why we still study humanities up to present.
Basically, humanities are academic disciplines that study aspects of human society and culture. It can be described as the study of how people process and document the human experience. In the humanities we dwell within the ideas human’s articulate. Our dialogues elucidate the human experience of the world comprehended within language. Despite its lack of practicality in real world applications, humanities drastically helps in the intrapersonal aspects of each individual. The ultimate goal of humanities—is broadening self-awareness—is the evolution and development of deeper, complex, and more thoughtful humans. While business, politics and science are useful and practical, humanities on the other hand, are useless, but, extremely valuable to humans. These two contexts of being useful and being valuable are not to be confused.
The immediate task of the humanities is to throw people as a whole, not only students, into a state of intellectual confusion. Humans need their own prejudices released and thrown into self-realizations and questions. These questions facilitate the process of unstitching tightly woven assumptions, either towards yourself or towards the world. Thinking is also a way where in humanities are well systematic than science. We as humans, most of the time finds thinking difficult and uncomfortable, which is mostly done during scientific applications and researches. On the other hand, thinking within self gives you serenity and more peace of mind.

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