The privatepractice of Ms.

Papageorgiou is currentlylocated at the Academic Institute for Psychotherapy PLUS in Utrecht, aninstitute that provides mainly physical therapy specializations, but otherdisciplines, as well. Ms. Papageorgiou isalso affiliated with Cenzo which stands for Central Network Care (“CentraalNetwerk Zorg”). Cenzo is an organization that works together with small andmedium enterprises and large companies to provide services that promote mentalhealth and overall well-being of the employees. Healthcare professionals thatare affiliated with Cenzo are part of a quality system that monitors andensures the continuity and quality of care.Apart fromher private practice, Ms.

Papageorgiou is,as a freelancer, an individual and group psychotherapist in Care to Change.Care to Change is a mental health care institution with offices in Amsterdam,Emmeloord and in Hilversum. It offers a variety of different types of therapy,applied by a multidisciplinary team. Dutch-, andoccasionally, English- speaking people, over 18 years of age are treated. Greekclients are treated by Ms.

Papageorgiou.The clients of Care to Change present a diversity of problems such as depression,personality disorders, eating problems, anxiety, addiction and PTSD, or acombination. Ms. Papageorgiou, likewisein her private practice, is responsible for the diagnostic process of herclients. Ms. Papageorgiou is also ahead-therapist in Care to Change. A head-therapist can be either a psychiatristor clinical psychologist that oversees cases that require specialized mentalhealth care. Thus, as a head-therapist, she is responsible for the diagnosis ofthose cases and for carrying out an evaluation meeting with the patient everythree months.

Additionally, she coordinates, along with other head-therapists,the monthly review meetings of the multidisciplinary team. In Care toChange, the patient is treated as a whole that comprises mind and body, butalso as a part of a social group. There is a diversity of disciplines such aspsychologists (they provide various methods, like cognitive, insight-orientedand systemic therapy, among others), psychiatrists, physiotherapists,body-oriented therapists, personal coach, psychodrama therapists, art therapists,psychomotor therapists, sexologist, yoga therapist, dance therapist, musictherapist, psychiatric nurse, and dietician. Thus, along with the psychotherapyprovided by Ms. Papageorgiou, there isthe possibility of receiving any of the aforementioned types of therapy, whenis needed. Collaboration with the psychiatrist also could take place in casesthat require pharmacological treatment.

The internshiptook place mostly in the private practice of Ms.Papageorgiou and occasionally in Care to Change in Amsterdam. The localsupervisor of the internship is Ms.

Papageorgiou. The language barrier allowed me to be involved only in activitiesrelated to the individual therapy of Greek-speaking clients (during theinternship no English-speaking clients were treated). 


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