Job Description-Media & Communications Manager Essay

Job Description-Media & Communications ManagerWe are currently seeking a Public Affairs Government Media Manager specializing in the area of content, media and public relations. This is a government job.  We are looking for someone who can work as a team to oversee all operations to carry out media and lobbying campaigns as well as address the public on vital concerns. [1] The hired applicant must be able to travel, have good organizational and excellent people skills.  Dependability, professionalism and good speaking skills  are a must!  The majority of the hours will be 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, 10 hours a day with occassional weekend work.  Additionally you must have a strong managerial ability in which to manage all media and communications departments.  You will be reporting to and assisting our Corporate Department as well as occasional communications with our Legal Department.

Experience in the legal environment especially regarding the media and communications industry is preferred. This position will also help to promote current events within the community.  Additionally you will also work with any alternative media such as our websites or one of the local newspapers when it comes to changing content or making a public statement in this other format.  This position also requires knowledge of FCC regulations regarding all forms of media communications.  Strong analytical skills and statistical averaging will be exceptionally helpful in this position.  This position will require good democracy skills as well as political knowledge. Back ground and Pre employment drug testing will be required as well as a 3 year clean driving record.  Random drug screens of the hired applicant will also be done.

This is technically a two fold job considering you will also be occasionally addressing the public.Responsibilitiesv  To manage all media communications by providing support to Corporate Communications as well as providing accurate quality assurance services.v  To oversee and help develop videography.v  Provide technical support where needed to other staff regarding video equipment.

v  Assists with long range planning.v  Assists with policy making within all departments relating to media and communications.v  Helps perform staff evaluations.v  Teleconferencing.v  Studio and other scheduling.v  Work with legal department.v  Submit bi annual reports.

v  Be continually well informed of departmental policies and public policy.v  Other duties as necessary and assigned. [2]RequirementsBachelors Degree or better in Telecommunications field.At least 5 years in telecommunications production and management.At least 3 years of activity coordination within telecommunication industryProven record of dealing with multiple agencies.

Ability to speak in public.Valid Driver’s LicensePass pre employment drug testing and background test.CLE for media communications at least 10 hours per year.Experience in Communications legal field preferredFCC and legal knowledgeCompensationFull medical, dental and vision benefits package, 401k retirement, profit sharing, cafeteria plan, starting wage approximately $60,000 per year but will also commensurate with experience. [3] Also depending upon experience there may be an additional hiring bonus.  Paid vacation, sick leave, flex spending plan, personal leave, holidays, deferred compensation plans, death and disability benefits, health club membership.  Vacations will be one week a year for first two years.

  From years three to five they will then be two weeks.  After 5 years you will receive three weeks of vacation.  All vacations are paid.Interview ProcessAll applications must be turned in no later than 4:30 pm on June 30, 2009 to our Personnel Department.  All acceptable applicants will be notified of their first interview time which will be a group interview.  You will be expected to debate against the other interviewees so be prepared.  There will also be a knowledge and personality test.  The testing will test your skills and ability of how you deal with people under different circumstances and the knowledge you have regarding the communications and media industry from basic knowledge to legal knowledge.

  Part of the testing will also be to rate the debaters.  In this process you will be required to explain why or why not the debaters did a good job.  This will help us to determine logic in a person as well as partially help us to determine how a person does when faced with an uncomfortable situation.

  Personal interview times will be given to those who sucessfully qualify through the debate and testing.  The second interview will consisit of person to person interview as well as a screen test to determine your ability and screen personality when in front of viewers.  Third interviews may become necessary.  There will be three prospective employees chosen should there be a failed drug test or background check.  The final candidate who is hired will be expected to start within 2 weeks and will be required to sign an employment agreement of confidentiality and no compete clauses.  The interviews will take place at the following time and place:Time: 8:00am – 6:00pmDate: Tuesday, April 12thInterviews selected from the application process will be sent a letter notifying them of the time and date as well as the location of the interview.

  There will be no compensation if travel is required to attend the interview.            There will be an interview panel that consists of five people.  All interviewees will be expected to interview with this panel as a group and some separately contingent upon the desire of the interviewer.  No preferential treatment will be given.Due to the high level of applications we are unable to respond to everyone. If you have not heard from us within a week, then you have been unsuccessful in your application. You are free to reapply at any of our next open job opportunities.

  We do not accept phone calls for status checks of any kind.  Calling to check the status of your application or interview will automatically disqualify you as a potential employee.  We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.QuestionsWhat are your stengths and weaknesses and how do you approach each one in a positive direction that becomes more productive than counter productive?When you become angry or frustrated with someone, whether speaking to him at the moment or not, how do you deal with the situation?  How do you deal with these two emotions generally?Why and how do you think you qualify for this position?Tell me about your education and how you think it relates to this position?What kind of books and movies do you like to read and watch?What do you know about our agency and how do you see yourself fitting in?Assuming you are familiar with our media practices via public television, what views do you hold in general and what do you think we can improve upon and why?Do you have any questions?[4] [5]BibliographyDepartment of Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts, Office of the Secretary Corporate Communications, Media Manager, Retrieved 4 May, 2009 Questions Asked By Government Employers, Retrieved 5 May, 2009 Manager,  Human Resources management-Virgina, Retrieved 4 May, 2009 Sihara, Potential interview questions and answers for government jobs, Helium, Retrieved 3 May, 2009 on Telecommunications and Cybersecurity Policy, Telecom, Retrieved 3 May, 2009 Affairs and Media Manager / Trade body / London, Prospect Resourcing Ltd, PR Week 2007 – 2009Retrieved 6 May, 2009–trade-body–, Retrieved 5 May, 2009, Jobs, Retrieved 5 May, 2009, RELATIONS MANAGER –CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS –GOVERNMENT AUTHORITY, Retrieved 4 May, 2009, Employee Benefits, Retrieved 5 May, 2009, service Employees network, Retrieved 4 May, 2009, Morgan, Government Job Descriptions, Retrieved 6 May, 2009, Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 Edition, Public Relations Specialists, Retrieved 5 May, 2009,, Writing the Job Description, Retrieved 4 May, 2009,[1] Public Affairs and Media Manager / Trade body / London, Prospect Resourcing Ltd[2] Department of Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts, Office of the Secretary Corporate        Communications, Media Manager[3] Media Manager-Class Specification[4] Potential interview questions and answers for government jobs[5] Interview Questions Asked By Government Employers


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