Job Position

Job Position: Tax prepare
Location: burger king, Napanee
Screening tool means the checklist done by the professional in the case of hiring or selecting the professional person.
Requirement: The tax prepare should have high diploma with strong math skill as well as the computer and typing skill also. He should have experience of customer service and rules and regulation of tax understanding.

There are so many tools which we use to hire the employer of tax prepare. Two tools for screening the employer selection are:
Resume screening tool
Sr no. Criteria Do not meet Meet the requirement Exceed the requirement
1. Have high school diploma or education 2. Should have three years experience 3. Required MS office skill 4. Job related keywords we are expecting 5. Should know different languages 6. Should have worked for accounting firm 7. Taken IRS’s tax prepare exam Telephone screening tool
Telephone screening tool is used to know the communication way of the employer. The telephone interview is conducted and indicates the person who has good voice, should talk mannerism and the way of communication and how he handles the situation over the phone.

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Sr no. Criteria Do not meet Meet the requirement Exceed the requirement
1. Have you done this type of video before? 2. Have you prepare a tax return before 3. Do you know the requirement of the state and localities where you are applying the job 4. Do you have PTIN ( preparer tax identification number) 5. Have you registered with the state of the Canada 6. Have you worked for tax preparation service With these both tool we can hire the tax preparer for our company. By proper selection and proper screening we can hire the person which we want with all the skills.

Job posting: Office manager for tax prepare
Location: Burger king, Napanee
Requirement: There are some requirements for the tax manager. The person should have proper knowledge of the tax prepare. He should be of friendly nature so that he can work in team with other member of the company. He should know how to manage the work so that he can complete his work before the deadline.

Resume screening tool
Sr no. Criteria Do not meet Meet the requirement Exceed the requirement
1. Knowledge of relevant tax laws 2. Familiar with Oracle, HFM smart view software 3. Management experience 4. Proficiency in excel including logical formulas, macros 5. Bachelors in accounting, economics or finance 6. Have five year experience 7. Should have organizational skill After doing the resume screening tool we can do the secondary screening i.e. telephone screening tool in which we can indicate lot of the things about the manager we are going to hire like the way of communication, his manners and the politeness of his voice.

Telephone screening tool
In this first we are going to call the person and introduce ourselves and tell him that this is the call interview for our company in which we are going to ask different question. On the basis of the answer he is going to hired by us. So some of the questions are: –
Sr no. Criteria Do not meet Meet the requirement Exceed the requirement
1. Do you have CPA(certified public accountant) license 2. Have you completed the CICA in-depth tax course 3. handle the stress situation on call with client 4. Job motivates you to perform best 5. Know the regulations of the tax laws with every update 6. Done the management styles in the previous jobs 7. Confident while on call with every answer With both these tool we can indicate to whom we have to select for appropriate job position in the tax department.

Job posting: Tax prepare
Location: Burger king, Napanee
Ontario, Canada
Responsibilities: Some of the responsibilities you have are: –
Interview the customer so that you know the financial information.

Calculate the tax information
Verify the accuracy of records of the clients
Update to the professional knowledge
Should examine the records of clients
What will you do: In this job you are going to prepare the tax information of client of our company. You are going to collect all the financial information of the shareholders of our company and prepare the tax for all of the stakeholders also.

What you need: The ideal candidate should have three year experience and should pass the IRS’s exam with good marks. He should be active and fit personality so that he can work in every condition
License requirement: the candidate should have PTIN (preparer tax identification number) so that he is eligible for the tax prepare job in the company or any business.

What you should bring: you should bring your PTIN and your entire qualification document with your social insurance number and the bank detail. Also bring your experience certificate with the entire things and also your resume with cover letter.

Thanks and apply now
JOB POSITION: Office Manager for Tax Prepare
RESPOSIBILITIES: there are some responsibilities of the tax manager. Some of are: –
Creating, overseeing the tax plan for the company.

Participate in tax reporting
Manage compliance
Supervise team of tax professional
Research tax accounting issue solver
Review the work and assist the staff members.

WHAT WILL YOU DO: The candidate has to review the information and discuss with the staff for preparing the tax. The candidate should work in team of staff members, supervisors, assistants as a team
WHAT YOU NEED: the candidate should have five year experience and should have completed the CICA tax course with lot of experience in making tax file.

LICENSE REQUIREMENT: The candidate should have CPA (certified public accountant) license from the board of accounting of the state to do this job.

WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING: when the candidate come in-person, you should bring all your qualification documents with entire experience and CPA license number so that we can clear all the things. The candidate should bring the bank detail also with your resume and cover letter.




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