Job satisfaction high in America, says Conference Board sutdy Essay

Nearly 80 percent of American workers are satisfied with their jobs,according to a recent survey conducted by NFO Research, Inc. for theConference Board. The older the worker, the more satisfied he or sheappears to be.

About 73 percent of those under age 25 were satisfiedwith their work. This figure rose for each 10-year age group (exceptthe 45 to 54 group), reaching 92 percent for those 65 and older. Job satisfaction also is linked to family income.

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Only 71 percentof those with family income under $10,000 liked their work, comparedwith 82 percent of those in households with incomes of $20,000 or more. There is hardly any difference in job satisfaction among areas. Ofthe 10 areas in the survey universe, satisfaction ranged from 75.2percent in the West South Central region to 80.9 percent in the Mountainregion. The survey is based on a representative sample of 5,000 households.Copies are available from Consumer Research Center, The ConferenceBoard, 845 Third Avenue, New York 10022.


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