As we living in atechnological era, there is a massive growth and changes we experienced in ourlives.

Lot of innovations and ideas are now evolving in our present situation.One of these changes is the accelerated and modern form of our educationsystems and the birth of what we called the “21st Century Teachers”. Teaching on 21st centuryrequires modern strategies because of the development of technology.

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Theadaptation of new technological devices in learning and teaching is widelyused. This includes using some e-books and tablets as a replaced for old books.And, if you don’t know the answer to your question – just Google it! Everythingis on Google! Also, 21st Century Teacher organized teachingresources to go paperless.

This includes the access for students to websites asdifferent learning experiences.  Andstaying connected on social media makes knowledge more expandable and builds upa network to share ideas and what’s happening in the world, anytime, anywhere. Though technologyhas innovated so far, we can say that the learning of kids these days isapparently different right now to the traditional one. Traditional teacher playsthe role of instructor when it comes to lectures and also a decision maker whenit comes to outcome or plans to his or her students. Traditionally, if thestudents are doing some misbehaving in class, the teacher gave punishment tothe student. Just like our mother, we all know that she is our first teacher;thus, teaching us traditionally how to be a better person to know what is rightand wrong.  For me, traditionallyteaching has just one priority; this is to signify the importance of virtue andto form good habits to human.

 Traditionalteaching is not just how old the book you are using; or what type of paper orpen you used to write; or how ineffective the way your teaching strategy is;but it is how teacher and pupil understand each other, seriously andrespectably. 


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