John Brown Essay

John Brown was from Connecticut. born in rigorous spiritual household in 1800. At 12. after seeing a slave being viciously beaten. swore to ne’er bury that twenty-four hours. In the mid 1800’s he decided to run against bondage in Kansas and Nebraska.

so did the pro-slavery who campaigned for the continuance of bondage. With the slaying of six anti-slaverists and that slave who was beaten many old ages ago. he decided that: “In order to stop bondage.

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force must be applied” ( John Brown ) .In 1956. at the town of Lawrence. Pro slavery members destroyed the anti slavery caput quarters and killed 6 of its members. John Brown observed the force that erupted at Lawrence town. John Brown was set on retaliation and on May 24th he and 6 of his followings pulled 5 work forces from the Pro bondage cantonment at Pottawatomie Creek and killed them. To avoid charges. John Brown went to New England to bear down and raised money for 2 ? old ages in order to buy arms.

He was financially supplied by a secret group of six affluent work forces who supported his thoughts. In October 16. 1859. John Brown and 21 followings decided to take the arms of the military armory in Harpers Ferry. John Brown hoped that giving the slaves arms.

they would revolt against bondage but they didn’t show up in the conflict. John Brown was intercepted by the US. Marines led by Robert E. Lee.

The Marines were winning and John Brown was captured. He faced charges in Virginia and he was hanged.The executing of John Brown led the state to split itself into two polars. one believed that all work forces are born free and another who believed that Black people should be slaves. Some say that John Brown was martyr and others say that he was a terrorist and his attempts were in vain. John was a sufferer who fought and died for his beliefs.

and his forfeit leaded to the abolishment of bondage. so yes John Brown was a brave emancipationist who died for a cause he believed in.


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