Journal: Goals
August 14, 2018
By Amber Lawrence
A long-term goal can be defined as something you would like to accomplish in the future. It typically takes time and planning and is not something that can be completed in one day, week or month. When I think of my long-term academic goal, I think of where I started back in 2007 when I finished my associates’ degree and made a promise to myself that I’d go back to school to get my bachelors. Fast forward to 2018 where I took a step closer to my dream and applied to Averett University (AU). The next step in the plan has just begun, I am on my path to graduate from Averett. Slow and steady wins the race – that’s what I believe in this instance. While back in 2007, I wouldn’t have imaged I’d be trying to go back to college while juggling a family, household and job I do believe this is the right time!
Where do my short-term goals fit into the mix? They are what inch me closer to my long-term goal. Some of my short terms goals are to start and complete my first course this semester with a B or higher, to maintain a balanced schedule, and to complete and turn my assignments in on time.
I equate this week as the beginning of my marathon also known as my journey to completing my bachelor’s degree. This week I am being trained and given resources to be the best student I can be to succeed. With the help and support of my loving husband Michael and son Caleb, anything’s possible. I thank in advance my support system which includes my family, my work supervisors and my advisors and present and future professors who are supporting me in my dream!


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