Journal Entry Week One Essay

The culture goes back through time. Assayer (2013) stated, “Egypt continuous cultural tradition?lasting over 3,000 years? Is history’s clearest example of how peace and prosperity go hand in hand with cultural stability” (p.

28). There are many fascinating facets from the way Egyptians lived from the building of the pyramids to the burial of their leaders.It amazes me to know a society can build such structures without the modern day machinery that we have today.

The passion they had for life and displaying that In the way they lived as written on the walls of heir pyramids. One of the Inaccuracies of these Images Is they are exactly the same. All the figures have the same body structure and build. Male and female resemble each other In such a way that the only way to tell them apart Is by their facial hair.All of the Images are depicted facing to the right or left and having the same size. This Is still a mystery as to why their depiction of their people Is of this nature. The Egyptians went through droughts with the water system and developed and depended on an irrigation system that provided their society with water. This is just en of the many important aspects of the Egyptians that help to make them unique.

The Egyptians also found uses for metals and were able to manipulate these metals into jewelry and amour.Their leaders were buried in tombs and the organs separated into jars made out of precious metals and Jewels. The heart was weighed as a part off balance system during the burial. The sun was an important part of their lives and even treated as a god. All these different aspects of the Egyptian culture made up who they were as a society thousands of years ago.


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