Journalism and the Gilded Age Essay

As “gilded” means covered with gold and “age” depicts a certain clip. the aureate age was a certain period in history when the America’s upper-class members. holding gone through a awful civil war. welcomed a period of peace through an overpowering show of richness. Coined by the author Samuel Langhorne Clemens besides known as Mark Twain. it was a parody term for a clip of great political and fiscal corruptness ( Cashman 2 ) . It was the formative times. Developments in the facets of economic system and commercialism were ongoing.

Factories owned by industrialists. moneymans. and politicians mushroomed in the metropoliss. Considered as the robber barons. these persons abused the capableness of supplying employment for the people. Using even the unfit for labour. robber barons exploited labourers. Womans and kids were hired into mills. overworked and underpaid ( Cashman 3 ) . The rich became richer in those yearss and the hapless remained unfortunate. Glorious metropoliss were built in the thick of slums.

It was a clip of great disparity that led to the formation of labour brotherhoods seeking to hold their rights acknowledged. It besides influenced the rise of the nihilists. or the groups revolting against the authorities ( Cashman 5 ) . The economic system seemed to hold progressed but the deficiency of merely intervention to labourers and enacted Torahs to continue their rights proved it otherwise. After the decease of the celebrated president Abraham Lincoln. there had non been a good solon to be elected. Political influence became the footing for place and non popular entreaty.

In add-on. high office was utilized for fiscal addition. With these. corruptness became rampant and betterments remain obscure. As such. political relations during the epoch was dead ( Cashman. 243-244 ) . The Gilded Age was a dark clip in American history concealed under a head covering of richness personified in affluent hypocritical upper category citizens. What seemed to be a memorable period was but an semblance. The betterments in the industry covered the bigger image of widespread poorness. political stagnancy. and unchecked corruptness.


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