Julius Caesar Essay

RomeIn The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, he has 2 main characters named Brutus and Caesar. Caesar is the honorable leader that Rome’s peoples are wanting. Brutus is the one that gets deceived into believing Rome’s peoples want him just because the conspirators and Cassuis want to get rid of Caesar. In this play there is betrayal that revolves around the inflexibility of Brutus and Caesar.

An incident that shows inflexibility of Julius Caesar is when the Soothsayer steps from the crowd and warns Julius Caesar to “Beware the ides of March”.Soothsayer is trying to warn Caesar of what is going to happen but Caesar is too arrogant to listen to Soothsayer and acts as if he is just saying that to be talking to him. Caesar refuses to show any show any sign of weakness which may be seen in his disregard of the Soothsayer.

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Cassius feels that he is being treated like a dog and so is everyone else because Caesar never listen to what the people want and goes by what he thinks. Caesar’s big headedness turns everybody against him when Brutus starts to take the thrown.An incident that shows inflexibility of Brutus Marcus is very easily deceived, like when Cassius manipulates Brutus into believing that Caesar must die in order to preserve Rome. While Brutus truly believes that Caesar must die to help Rome, the conspirators are just in Cassius’ plan for rivalry and envy against Caesar. Both traits either from Caesar or Brutus are both a flaw.

How can someone be inflexible and it be a good trait. Inflexible means “Not flexible; unwilling to changed or compromise and Not able to be changed or adapted to particular circumstances. That definition is not a positive statement about being inflexible.

Caesar thought what he knew was the best and even if it wasn’t he wasn’t changing his mind. Brutus being very easily deceived didn’t help him much. Cassius manipulated Brutus to take the thrown that Caesar wasn’t a leader. He said the people wanted him to rule Rome and even wrote a letter pretending to be a citizen of Rome.

Which this made Brutus believe the only way to rid Caesar of taking thrown was to kill him.So in the end Caesar ended up dead because his lack of listening to the people of Rome and Brutus also died because of his guilt over killing Caesar. These consequences outweigh the rigidity of these flaws. The consequences over their flaws were death, who would think a flaw would come out to be that big of a deal. At the end Brutus and Caesar are dead, because their tragic flaws.

Even though they was both very noble, like when Caesar had his will made for Roman people and when Brutus ran upon his own sword to himself because he felt so guilty about Caesars death. The inflexibility of them has led to their death.


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