Julius Caesar Act Iv Questions Essay

Act IV Reading Questions pg. 1169 The three men that take over Rome when Caesar is murdered are Octavian, Marcus Antonius, and Marcus Lepidus. The friendship between Brutus and Cassius changed because, Brutus realized that the reasons for killing Caesar weren’t the same for either of them.

Brutus wanted to kill Caesar because he wanted to save the people but Cassius was just jealous of Caesar, “Be angry when you will; it shall have scope” (1162).Portia commits suicide by swallowing hot coals because she thinks that all is lost for her and her husband. Brutus believes that the men should march to Philippi to meet Antony and OCtavius’ army, but Cassius believes that it would be better for the enemy to come to them. Brutus’s tragic flaw is that he is altogether too trusting.

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He genuinely thought that the other men were killing Caesar for the good of the people but now is seeing that they were lying, “Did not great Julius bleed for justice’ sake? (1158) Antony’s words in Act four scene one made me look at him a lot differently than I did earlier in the play. Antony is plotting on what is the quickest way to get money from Caesar’s will, “Fetch the will hither, and we shall determine how to cut off some charge in legacies” (1154). Brutus wants to appear completely determined in his interactions with the conspirators, his inability to confess his thoughts to Portia signifies that he still had traces of doubt about the plan.At Philippi, Cassius and Brutus ride up and meet Octavian and Antony for parley but insults come of it. Cassius later tells Messala he has seen ill omens.

The romans seem much worse off because the conspirators are clashing in opinions and their original plan has seemed to fall apart. Caesar was organized and much more prepared to rule Rome. Brutus’s complaint is justified because he is saying that Cassius’s goals have become selfish and corrupt which is very much true.


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