”Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare Sample Essay

In the drama Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Mark Antony delivers a really strong and persuasive funeral oration in Caesar’s award. Antony himself was a sure friend of Caesar and manipulated the plotters of the drama in thought that he approved of their title. With his influential tone and methods of verbal communicating. Antony had his audience in an awe of disgust and hatred. Mark Antony’s funeral address: A monologue that changed the drama of Julius Caesar.

Antony’s voices are a victory all on their ain. He used many literary techniques that would put the boundaries of public speech production for centuries to come. Possibly repeat was one of the strong points of his address. Mark says the words “noble” and “honor” throughout it several times. The repeat of the words sends out an intense vibration to the audience. The manner he puts his words are merely about mocking Brutus’s old address. therefore directing his message clearly to the people. Every clip he would reiterate something. it made the audience even more annoyed and rambunctious so earlier. Repeat of words and phrases was a great component to Antony’s address.

Another technique of persuasion that Mark Antony used was correspondence. When he spoke. he fundamentally kept on altering his words. but kept to the same point. He repeated what he said. but changed the words around a small otherwise every clip it was spoken. This makes the audience think. He twists and turns the words around but yet. he insists on Caesar’s decease being conducted because of aspiration. Then once more. he merely insists on it because of Brutus’s old words ( which consisted of Caesar’s aspiration ) . Antony kept his address equal to Brutus’s words. and by making that. clearly got his point across to the people- a mastermind technique so.

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While Antony’s mocking tone of Brutus completed the oration. another component mustn’t be forgotten. Irony is used in the first line of his address: “I come to bury Caesar. non to praise him. ” Immediately the people are believing that Antony is merely traveling to shut up with what chiefly Brutus had said before him. As Mark goes on. he does everything BUT bury Caesar. He praises Caesar for his leading and being a great friend and so on. Then he taunts the audience with Caesar’s will and so unmasks Caesar’s cadaver. That. of class. gets the people of Rome in an immediate craze. The sarcasm at the beginning of the oration gives the people a daze and is one of the biggest shows of sarcasm throughout history.

Mark Antony may non hold been the greatest and most sincere friend to Caesar at the terminal of the drama. but like him or non. you must manus it to him. Antony holds one of the best funeral addresss known to adult male. He uses a pile of modern literary techniques which gracefully complement him at the terminal of his address. He spoke with words so attractively set. that the lone people that weren’t beside him were the original plotters. Mark Antony’s address has set an ideal criterion for all addresss yet to come.


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