Just like on land

Just like on land, even in the oceanic areas, the effect of plastic on marine life has started to be felt. The studies reveal that around 12.7 million tonnes of plastic waste are washed into the ocean every year. The United Nations Environment Programme estimates there could be as many as 51 trillion microplastic particles in the oceans already. While a part of the plastic waste in the oceans comes from land, predominantly as a result of mismanaged waste disposal, the ships and offshore oil and gas platforms also contribute to it.

In the recent time, considering the increase in the disposal of plastic in the ocean, it has become imperative to take all possible measures to combat this problem. But before one can do so, one needs to understand the repercussions of plastic in sea, which is necessary to take the protective measures even more sensibly. Among all the threats to the marine environment, the threat from plastic is one of the most dangerous ones.

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