Juvenile Justice Articles Essay

Samara Belgrade Ventura county 14-year-old boy, Brandon McClellan was arrested and charged with the shooting death off classmate Lawrence King. Lawrence was shot In the head at a close range. This crime was a premeditated hate crime, therefore, the Dialect Attorney added special allegation of a hate crime against Brandon McClellan, and he was charged as an adult.

Larry King classmates indicated that King had recently started to wear makeup and had openly proclaimed himself as gay. Classmates also indicated that King and a group of students had a confrontation due to his sexual orientation the day before he was murdered. McClellan recently turned 14, this is the legal age for charging an adolescent as an adult under the early sass’s Proposition 21 . Brandon McClellan was sentenced to 21 years for the killing Lawrence King.

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Juvenile arrested after hooting at undercover police in Lincoln Heights A male juvenile was booked for attempted murder after shots were fired at undercover police officers in Lincoln Heights. The 16-year-old male was captured after a search of more than seven hours inside a closed perimeter in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood, Los Angels Police Department SST. Kevin Moore said. The search began after an unknown number of shots were fired at a car driven by undercover narcotics detectives, neither officer were hurt.

A citywide tactical alert, where all police personnel had their shifts extended as the search continued, was issued at 7:15 p. M. And downgraded to the Central Bureau at 8 p. M.


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