Kansas Nebraska Act Essay

John Brown’s foray on Harper’s Ferry. Virginia in October 1859. was one of the most of import and explosive accelerator within the state. which for a figure of old ages. continued to step closer and closer towards a civil war. Both the North and the South had experienced a combative relationship for many decennaries. This went back to even before the origin of the state when the issue of bondage. discussed at the First and Second Constitutional Conventions. created such a splash. that the issue was set aside in the hopes of avoiding any farther problems.

The slavery inquiry was left for future coevalss to reply. In the 1850’s. it seemed obvious to many people. that the inquiry was traveling to be answered in blood. although many remained hopeful that such horrors could still be avoided. The 1854 Kansas Nebraska Act. one which infuriated Abraham Lincoln so much that it brought him out of political retirement. the origin of a new political party: the Republican Party. every bit good as a revived Fugitive Slave Law. all combined to assist convey the state to a civil war.

Brown took a difficult line against bondage and stated that he would be absolutely willing to put down his life for the obliteration of what he considered to be an evil establishment and one which insulted God. As a consequence. such beliefs incited within Brown. an absolute belief that bondage was incorrect and that he was traveling to be instrumental in the stoping of bondage in America.

John Brown. before his 1859 foray on Harper’s Ferry was put into gesture. had made himself a name in the community as a difficult line drive against bondage when he attacked and killed a figure of homesteaders located in Kansas. The 1854 Kansas Nebraska Act stated that these districts. in which statehood was merely around the corner. would be named either a slave province or a free province depending upon the ballot of the people.

This was called popular sovereignty and was one of the main thoughts of Stephen Douglas in his 1858 Senatorial argument. Not merely did the emancipationists fear that these provinces would go slave and interrupt the delicate balance that was present in Congress between the slave and free provinces. but when 1000s of people came in droves. to the two districts in an effort to interrupt the numerical divide between the slave and free citizens. such actions incited a great trade of expostulation from the North and the emancipationists.

John Brown. and a figure of his boies. went to Kansas and merely murdered a figure of people believed to me homesteaders in the province who had come to Kansas in order to further forestall the province from going a slave province. It was here that the name of John Brown begun to be spread across the state. Many believed Brown to be brainsick ; others saw him as a hero. The full state would be able to make up one’s mind for them by the terminal of the decennary as the name of John Brown would rapidly be spread from ocean to ocean where all of the 31 million dwellers of the state. would hold a feeling on the actions of John Brown.

It is hence. non a happenstance that his actions served as one of the most of import accelerators in the beginning of the Civil War? Brown arrived at Harper’s Ferry on July 3. 1859. A few yearss subsequently. under the assumed name of Isaac Smith. Brown rented a farmhouse in nearby Maryland and waited for his recruits. Despite legion marks that even his initial programs were non traveling harmonizing to agenda. he continued with his desires. At this clip. merely a little per centum of his recruits really presented themselves as willing participants to the program.

In late August. Brown traveled to Pennsylvania where he revealed the particulars of the program to the people who had shown up and had shown themselves as willing participants to the program and the chief aim. In the early months of 1859. the famed and famed emancipationist. Frederick Douglas. was told. by Brown. about his programs to motivate a public violence in which he hoped that the slaves would be set free. Douglas believed the program to be folly from the beginning and attempted to deter inkinesss from fall ining.

However. Douglas ever held a extremely well-thought-of sentiment of Brown and even believed that his desire to liberate the slaves exceeded even his ain. Brown’s initial programs called for more than 4500 work forces. In world. as was the instance with most of Brown’s programs in her personal life. the world of the state of affairs fell good abruptly. Brown had in his company. merely 21 work forces. They included 16 white work forces and 5 black work forces of which three were free inkinesss. one a free slave and one a fleeting slave. Twelve of the work forces had been with Brown in his foraies in Kansas.

Despite the little per centum of his estimations coming to fruition. Brown still proceeded with the programs. On October 16. 1859. Brown. while go forthing three work forces behind to watch guard. attacked Harper’s Ferry Amory. In making so. Brown obtained two 100 guns. The Armory was placed in the radio detection and ranging of Brown since it housed more than 100. 000 guns and with such ammo. Brown. from thief testimony of his household at the test which followed. stated that Brown hoped to motivate a public violence in which every slave in Virginia would come to fall in in the battle.

“His scheme was to consume the province of its slaves. This. Brown hoped. would do a prostration of the economic establishments which had depended so to a great extent upon bondage until the motion spread to the South and go oning to distribute mayhem economically and socially. on every slave province in the Union. ” This. as Brown was about to happen out. would non be the world of the state of affairs.


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