Kardell Paper Company Decision Essay

The Board of managers of Kardell Paper Company should accept the installing of the new processing engineering enchantress protects the environment by polishing the company’s waste H2O. Implementing this new engineering will increase the company’s long- term profitableness and repute by supplying adequate power and ability to vie and run expeditiously in the hereafter market.This ethical solution is offered.

after analysing Kardell’s board of directors’ determination to decline the new engineering due to its high bend over costs. The impacts of this determination on the company’s primary stakeholders is studied carefully by utilizing the 5-question ethical attack. The appraisal has been made by comparing the profitableness. legality. equity and rightness of the company’s determination and its impacts on major groups of stakeholders and their involvements.IntroductionThe Kardell Paper Company ( KPC ) is a promotion traded company with good fiscal record and a net income of $ 1. 7 million per twelvemonth.

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Kardell’s original factory which is non designed with conformity to high environmental protection criterions. is located near the Riverside. a community of 22. 000 occupants ( Brooks 371 ) The local community has been enduring from an remarkably high rate of abortions and respiratory upsets since 1985. Therefore. in the same twelvemonth.

a research has been done on the H2O sample of the river which showed high degree of industrial chemical called sonox. Besides. it was discovered that the works lab failed to advert the high sonox degree in its monthly study to the directors.

However. after informing the Chief executive officer and the Board of Direcors. no serious action has been taken to work out this job and turn out the state of affairs. They failed to set about an appropriate environmental audit and even refused the possible solution of following a new engineering to polish the company’s waste H2O. ( Brooks 372 )The IssuesIn fact. KPC’s board of managers faced two major jobs in following the new engineering. First.

the $ 70 million cost of implementing the new engineering which would impact the productiveness and profitableness of the company. Second. the issue of unemployment and occupation loss that will happen. as a consequence of closing down during the retrofit.

To analyse and asses KPC’s determination. the 5-question model will be used. This attack requires placing the company’s most of import stakeholders. prioritising their involvements and using five inquiries to analyze the impacts of the company’s determination on each stakeholders group ( Tucker 348 ) .Designation of Stakeholders and their InterestsHarmonizing to the Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) .

companies are concerned for the well being of the people. society and the environment ( Brooks 399 ) . Therefore. designation of all the stakeholders and their concerns are rather of import for analysing companies’ concern determinations and guarantee their long term success.

The most of import stakeholder groups that are impacted by KPC’s determination can be recognized and ranked as follow.Current and Future StockholdersThe impact on this group measures in footings of net income or loss. In this instance. current stockholders will confront a short-run decrease in the dividend payments due to the high cost of following the new processing engineering ( $ 70 million ) and the chance of capacity degree decrease during the retrofit. However. if the determination becomes known. the company may stop up paying high clean up and compensation costs every bit good as Governmental mulcts.

On the other manus. the future stockholders such as ethical investors are more interested in long-run net incomes and give more value to moral and ethical behaviour of the company.KPC’s Employees and Labor UnionThey may potentially acquire unemployed or receive less wages and benefits due to the productiveness decrease during the retrofit.

However. KPC is seting its employees and their family’s life at hazard by being the beginning of harmful emanation and maintain fouling their environment. Therefore. by declining to put in the new engineering. KPC is guaranting the employees’ occupation and wages at the disbursal of disregarding their nucleus homo rights such as right to good wellness.KPC’s ManagementsThis group consists of the company’s Executive Officers and other directors who receive generous fillips and benefits. They seek for short term net income without paying adequate attending to the long term effects of their determination.

They have ignored the hazards that are involved upon disclosure of their determination by whistle blowers such as ; possible clean up costs every bit good as negative reaction of the community by boycotting the company’s merchandises.Local CommunityThere is no uncertainty that KPC has CSR toward the community and hence must guarantee the concern continues runing to make wealth and to construct good repute ( Brooks 399 ) . As the local community is enduring from the side effects of the high sonox degree in the H2O. KPC has to move responsible. honest and dependable to work out their job.

On the other manus. the local community might be extremely dependent on the company as a chief beginning of income in the country and would badly endure during the retrofit. But. there is no uncertainty that salvaging their lives and populating environment should be the company’s foremost precedence.GovernmentAs the Government wants the wellness and good being of the society and protect them from injury. it would wish KPC to put in the engineering and convey down the figure of ill people.

Besides. this might be to the authorities benefit as it would cut down the wellness cost.As it has explained. KPC’s primary stakeholders consist of different groups with assorted involvements.

For being able to asses the impact of the company’s determination. the cardinal involvement of the stakeholders should be taken into consideration. The determination should maximise the well-offness of all stakeholders. should ensue in a just distribution of benefits and loads. and besides should non pique any of the rights of stakeholders ( Brooks 336 ) .Sing the above mentioned criterias. even though the proposed determination may maximise some current stockholders and managers’ net incomes. but it is rebelliously non just or profitable for the other employees and the community.

Furthermore. KPC is piquing the nucleus human rights of the occupants and its employees by endangering their lives and wellness. Unquestionably those rights should be the company’s foremost and principle concerns.Application of the 5-Question Approach1- ProfitablenessThere is no uncertainty that the refusal of put ining the new processing engineering which cost $ 70 million and consequences in closing down the house.

will be profitable in short term and will besides cut down the hazard of economic loss. However. the likeliness of the determination going public by either whistle blowers or ethical stockholders has to be estimated. In this instance.

KPC might confront serious jobs such as ; fring the community support. paying high compensations and clean up costs every bit good as possible hereafter cases for damaging the environment. Consequently.

following the new engineering will be more cost benefit in long term. Furthermore. KPC will be able to countervail some costs by repossessing waste stuff and sell it to chemical manufacturers ( Brooks 372 ) .2- LegalityThe KPC’s determination might non be illegal at the minute as it complies with the bing governmental bounds and environmental ordinances. But due to high figure of abortions. birth defects and respiratory nutriments in the country. there is no uncertainty that the authorities will fasten the criterions to restrict the sonox emanation in close hereafter.

Therefore. KPC should do a proactive determination to cut down any opportunity of likely cases. Besides. harmonizing to the Golden Rules ; KPC directors should handle the community as they want to be treated ( Hunt and Cox 22 ) .

Besides. KPC should give precedence to the values such as Integrity. honestness.

Responsibility. Predictability and seek to use more ethical rules and land regulations to implement those values.3-FairnessWhile the deferment determination may see just and profitable for stockholders and directors. it is unjust for bulk of stakeholders With respect to CSR. KPC is non merely responsible to do net income for its stockholders but besides committed to assorted stakeholders ( Brooks 359 ) . Besides.

the even distribution of benefits and involvements among all stakeholders a should be taken into consideration. If. this unjust intervention becomes public. it may ensue in terrible reaction from the injured parties which will do concern failure.4- Impact on RightsAs it has described. the proposed determination had negative impact on the rights of several stakeholder groups in footings of life. wellness. safty and security.

KPC has negatively affected the wellness and good being of the society and its employees by potentially fouling their environment. Therefore. KPC’s determination would be considered unethical. It has failed to esteem the stakeholders’ values and continue their wellness and safety rights.

by non unwraping appropriate information to the populace and besides non taking the necessary stairss to work out its proficient job.5-Is It Sustainable Development?From the environmental prospective. KPC has to run in conformity with high environmental protection criterions.

In order to thrive and come on in future. the company has to fit itself with the newest engineering and accomplishments required to maintain the environment safe and sound.Decisions and RecommendationsThe analysis has shown that. although KPC’s determination to postpone the installing of the new processing engineering might assure the short term profitableness of the company and warrant the shareholders’ involvements and can be within governmental bounds at the nowadayss. it is non just or right to the other stakeholders. Furthermore. with respect to the valid chance of the determination disclosure every bit good as the cost -benefit analysis.

the long profitableness of KPC might be at hazard. The company may stop up with paying high clean up costs and disbursals. Consequently. KPC’s determination is unethical and may ensue in future public negative reaction and failure.The above mentioned facts and effects should be to the full taken into consideration by the Board of managers.

Therefor. Kardell’s board of managers should move instantly and work out the pollution job by following the new processing engineering and accepting the fact that the company’s long term success and productiveness depends on this action.In add-on. KPC can decide the likely occupation loss and unemployment during the retrofit by supplying employees with early retirement bundles or even inquire the authorities to help those employees with the unemployment insurance.


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