Karma Upon Death by Scrabble Essay

Karma. What is karma? Is it a portion of life? Is it what helps us do determinations? Or is it the balance of life and everyone life in it? In Charlie Fish’s narrative Death By Scrabble karma is the chief subject. This fictional narrative is about a hubby and his married woman playing Scrabble. a game in which participants earn points for the words made by them with available letters.

The narrative narrates how the words in the game reflect the practical life of the participants. In every narrative there are literary devices used to assist develop the subject of the narrative.In this narrative the footings imagination. the usage of prefiguration. and largely irony. By the terminal of this essay readers will gain how all the usage of these literary footings helped develop the subject of karma in Charlie Fish’s Death By Scrabble. Imagery in Death By Scrabble I shown a batch and helps suppress the subject behind the narrative. karma.

“I’m 42 old ages old. it’s a vesiculation hot Sunday afternoon and all I can believe of to make with my married woman is play Scrabble” ( page 1 ) this is giving the readers an imagination upon the of the scene in which the hubby and married woman are upon.While get downing there’s the obvious feel and imaginativeness of the image of the married twosome sitting and playing the game at a season of heat and anguish. Playing the game. the twosome begins to play in a manner against each other with purpose to win.

the imagination is seen upon when his married womans “smug look as she rearranges her letters. Clack. clap clap.

” ( page1 ) The hubby is every bit good in a race to win the game. as seen by him trusting “she has lousy letters” and even happening it “remarkably Tilo 2 satisfying” when his married woman “gets a inactive daze off the air conditioning unit.” Each participant is against the other while being able to outstandingly give huge imagination to the readers even the interior feelings such as the hubby experiencing “a awful fury construct up inside… some interior toxicant easy distributing. . and when it gets to my fingertips I am traveling to leap out of my chair and… start hitting her once more and once more and once more. ” It’s obvious that he’s feeling angry and wants to win severely to rag her or possibly to acquire a good feeling out of it. Imagery makes the narrative fulfill with life and unity into being believed and seen in the reader’s imaginativeness and position.

Another literary is deviced used in this narrative is boding. In the narrative we realise right off that the hubby hatred towards his married woman. and wants to acquire rid of her every bit shortly as possible. This foreshadows that there is a possibility of decease in the narrative. As the narrative goes on the hubby realizes all of the words he puts down on the scrabble board are coming true. “Waiting to wing.

Stupid. I opened my eyes. and theres a fly. An insect.

bombinating about above the scrabble board. surfing the thermals from the lukewarm cup of tea. That proves nil. ” ( page 4 )This is another illustration of prefiguration because the writer intimations to the reader that the Scrabble Board is jinxed. and that the following words that the hubby and married woman put down on the board will go world. Last another Boding minute happens when she plays the word “caution” . This foreshadows a warning of something bad to come. We now see how adumbrative plays a immense function linking to the subject of the narrative.

Oh the sarcasm! The last literary term sarcasm is used from top to bottom in this narrative.This quotation mark is when the narrator/main character starts recognize that everything being put down on the Scrabble Board is go oning in existent life. “She plays sweatier… i’m acquiring sweatier” This is when the reader may detect the overall sarcasm in the narrative when the words come to life and are completed. “I don’t believe it- it can’t be Tilo 3 a happenstance. The letters made it go on.I played the word explodes… and the air conditioning unit exploded” ( page 3 ) with this mentality of the hubby he reveals the sarcasm and the world in the narrative for the reader. A large portion of sarcasm in the narrative is how his cousin “Harold swallowed a bee when he was nine.

his pharynx swelled up and he died.”Then towards the terminal of the narrative he chokes on a “b” merely like his cousin and dies. The greatest sarcasm in the narrative is the fact that throughout the whole clip the hubby is playing scrabble seeking to calculate out which words he can spell out to kill his married woman. but what he doesn’t know is that his married woman is playing the same game. And ironically she ends up winning. Sarcasm in this narrative best illustrates Karma. Finally the usage of these literary footings helped make the subject of this narrative. The suspense kept the reader desiring to cognize what will go on to the married woman.

will he kill her?Boding in this narrative is besides another immense portion in demoing karma. when he realizes every word he puts down becomes a world. and his married woman playing and plays the word “caution” to warn him. Last the greatest literary device used to assist make the subject of karma is irony. It is really dry how the hubbies cousin dies from choking on a bee and he ends up choking on a B. besides the fact that the hubby is seeking to kill his married woman. but one time once more ironically she ends up killing him.

These are the ingredients in this narrative that helped develop the subject of karma.


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