Karma visited me one time and it was in a pleasant way at all Essay

Whether you believe in karma or not, life has its own way of paying you for your actions.

A way to explain it is like science, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The way that applies to life is based on the actions you do. When you do a positive action you get a positive reward. When you do a negative action you are rewarded negatively. Now, this reward may not be received immediately and it can take some time for you to get it but when it does get you it is just as hard as it should be. Like I said you can believe in karma, bad luck, or u don’t have to believe in it at all. There are still consequences to your actions though so just remember that much.Karma visited me one time and it was in a pleasant way at all.

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One day a couple of friends and I were driving to the skate park. Of course we were being immature stupid teenagers peeling out and drifting. We were even making jokes about wrecking the vehicle, but it was all for laughs. On our way home it started to rain so I dropped one friend off at his house and then it started pouring even harder than before so I drove slow and carefully. When I was turning on to the highway it was halfway down a hill and the speed limit was fifty so I tried to pull out and get up to speed, I started sliding into the other lane and slid a whole hundred and eighty degrees and rolled into the ditch. I learned it isn’t safe to joke around like that because before you know it it’s happening to you.Another example of “bad luck” would be stealing.

My friend had stolen a really expensive bike from a BMX competition. He had told everyone that he was the one that took it. If a bike was stolen in our town it was most likely him that took it.

He always left the bike on his back porch so one day one of my other friends had told me he took it from that kid. So the point is if you steal objects from others it will eventually turn around on you and you will either get caught or someone will steal from you.An example of positive karma or “good luck” would be this one time I found a puppy. I was walking through the neighborhood with a couple of friends and found this stray dog. My friends were telling me to come on and leave the dog alone but I told them to wait. I called the number on the collar of the dog and told the owner where it was. When he arrived he thanked me many times and even gave me a hundred dollars when he didn’t have to. So if I would’ve listened to my friends I wouldn’t have made that money or made that person happy.

Whether or not life is paying you back for your wrongs or rewarding you for your rights, you always get what you an equal reaction to every action you do. For things like stealing, saying things you wouldn’t want to happen because they can come true, or even helping out the needy. Just life a positive life and you will be rewarded with positive things, live a negative life and you will be rewarded negatively. No matter the scale of your action, you always get what you deserve in life.


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