Kentucky quilts come to Fresno Essay

Two quilt exhibitions coming to the Fresno Art Center are importantenough that quilt Fanciers–or anyone interest in folk art–may want tomake plans to visit. From March 28 through May 19 is an exhibition bythe nationally known fiber artist Jean Ray Laury.

A dozen ofLaury’s contemporary quilts, ranging from poster size to 10-footsquares, will fill the main lobby of the newly refurbished art center. From April 13 through May 19, you can see the only Western showingof “Kentucky Quilts 1800–1900.” The 24-quilt exhibit,assembled by the Kentucky Quilt Project and sponsored by the SmithsonianInstitution’s Traveling Exhibition Service, features works chosenby curators who traveled the state to find the best quilts produced inthe 19th century. These are the survivors, those quilts not “usedup.” Some are pieced, others show fine applique work. Open from 10 to 5 Tuesdays through Sundays, the Fresno Art Centeris at 2233 N. First Street.

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Admission is $2 (free on Saturdays), freefor children under 16. Free Saturday tours are given at 2 and 3.


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