Kenyan Precolonialism Sample Essay

The first people who settled in Kenya in the pre-colonial clip were autochthonal African communities who migrated from around the universe. During the pre-colonial epoch. Kenya’s societal mobility depended really much on pastoral and agricultural groups. the agrarians depended really much on harvests and ploughing lands and on the other manus. the pastoral groups believed that the farm animal was given to them by God. Harmonizing to Peter O Ndege’s research. a professor of History and Political Science from the Moi University. “The affinity system in pre-colonial Kenya was the footing of ownership of factors of production. which included land. farm animal and labour [ … ] Classes. if they existed. were mostly inchoate. Reciprocality and the classless ideal ensured that persons ne’er slid into low poorness. ” ( 1 ) In add-on. ethnicity found in pre-colonial Kenyans was really fluid.

“Trade. exogamies and limited and intermittent warfare characterized inter-ethnic interactions. The histories of migrations and colony were approximately uninterrupted waning and waxing of the assorted ethnicities. Society was anything but inactive. Colonialism merely gave new form. significance and way to the communities’ built-in dynamism. ” ( O Ndege 2 ) . Therefore. it is difficult to talk of a “pure” cultural group in Kenya. Furthermore. there was non an established political construction back in that clip. chiefly. they had authoritiess represented by a council of seniors but no centralised authorities.

When the Europeans began to settle in the African districts. they began to make barriers amongst other African lands. They besides began commanding most of the trades and the economic system of what is now Kenya. because of this. Africans controlled barely any money. The British established a settlement in Kenya chiefly because they had natural stuffs such as tusk. and they saw this as an economical potency. In the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. we see how a adult male. Okwonko. battles with the reaching of the Europeans in his small town. when things started to alter for him one time the Europeans began to settle in. and altering their civilization. His sense of assurance is reliant upon the traditional criterions by which society Judgess him. This system of measuring the ego inspires many of the clan’s outcasts to encompass Christianity. If we compare it with Kenya. we see how in this book. some people were fighting with the fact that times were altering every bit good as societal positions. political constructions and their ain Ibo civilization.

Yet we see how the political construction of the clip was the same as it was in pre-colonial Kenya. with the aged and affluent work forces being on the top of the political construction. We besides see how the Ibo people’s societal mobility was besides farming in the pre-colonial epoch. Furthermore. when the Europeans came. Africans. both in the book and on pre-colonial Kenya. had to get down altering the manner they lived. Conversion began on both sides ; get downing to larn English. and other linguistic communications. they besides started to have a western instruction and presenting new things in their civilizations. It is apparent that both Kenya and the Ibo small town shared similar features in their civilizations. every bit good as other African bunchs in the pre-colonial epoch. It is just to state that most of the folks or small towns had similar characteristics in affairs of civilization. societal mobility. political construction and faith and we can non deny the fact that colonisation brought enormous. advanced alterations to Africa and specifically in Kenya.

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