Killing God in Code Geass Essay

Observing Code Seas from a straightforward viewpoint will reveal what it Is generally perceived as. This show is highly rated In Japan, Just as It Is to anima viewers In other countries.

Due to Its nature, a Japanese enamel, Code Seas contains plenty of fictional elements and comical scenarios. These can consist of Nightmare frames (palatable fighting robots for combat), superpowers, flying super-fortresses, or high school students who simplemindedly raise a personal rebellion force in Just a few weeks, or build an antimatter bomb in a lab located underneath a school.Despite the far-fetched fiction, each of these examples helps make Code Seas the masterpiece that it Is. It tells a great story which cannot be easily forgotten. If one were to dig deeper into the story Code Seas tells, they may find many more hidden in between the lines. Code Seas subtly makes remarks about modern worldviews throughout the entire series, using simple dialog, names of characters, or certain events as a foothold. These include racial discrimination, forms of government, and religion.While each of these worldviews is referenced, religion is undoubtedly the cost prominent.

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Religious allusions in Code Seas are not derived from one belief, but many. Situations In the show can at times reflect mythology, such as Norse and Irish, as well was present-day religions like Hinduism and Catholicism. All of these religious beliefs being tied-in to certain characters and events in Code Seas may suggest that “overcoming God”, or surpassing religion, may lead to a world peace. What is the power of seas?A “seas” (realistically known as a gees in Irish mythology) is a supernatural curse, or perhaps a gift depending on how it is used. In Irish looker, a gels Is typically given to a man by a woman who usually ends up being a goddess or noble figure. Essentially, a gels Is a supernatural contract. If left unbroken, it can lead to good fortune, but if that pact is broken, the person with the gees could undergo tragic events or even death.

In Code Seas, the main character, Lech, receives his seas from a mysterious woman who calls herself CO or C. C, making a fake name out of her initials.When she encounters Lech, [SSL :II] he is in a desperate situation and doesn’t really care about what the contract Is, so he agrees o It solely to get out of his current uncovers situation. The terms of the contract are not revealed until much later [SEE 1 5], but unlike a literal gels, the contract Is not life- threatening. Instead, CO wants Lech to end her life because she is practically immortal due to the fact that she has the Code*. When given his seas, Lech is informed that if he makes eye contact with someone, he can make them do anything he wants them to do.

The catch Is, he can only use It once per person. Lech uses his seas later In the show to command gods. If a human can control the will of god, then surely the said “god” Isn’t one. Lech takes control of the gods while at the Sword of Shaky.

In Hinduism, Shaky means tether, the place where gods dwell, much like a version of Mount Olympus. In the show, the Sword of Shaky is an ancient place which is meant to be used as a means to destroy the gods. The title of the event of “destroying all gods” is known in Code Seas as the “Raglan¶k Connection. *The Code is the other supernatural power in the series (hence Code Seas) and It grants the owner Immortality and Immunity to any form of seas.

By **The gods in the show are made out to be the collective unconsciousness of every unman, living or dead. If they are destroyed, every human that has existed would be mentally merged together as one mind. As a result, the world would become stagnant and without a future. In Norse Mythology, Raglan¶k is a war between gods that results in the deaths of the gods themselves. After this war, the earth is then flooded with water and then repopulated.This does not only mirror the name of the event, but it also mirrors the genocidal goals of the Holy Britannica Empire*.

They want to create a new, purely Britannica world, where Britannic is the highest and only power. This would require getting rid of any different intelligent being, which would include the gods as mentioned before. Charles Uzi Britannic, the current Emperor and Locust’s father (making Lech also of royalty**), travels to the Sword of Shaky to activate the Raglan¶k Connection and fulfill that goal of surpassing god.

There, he runs into Lech who is there to rescue CO from him***. Charles explains that this way Britannic can finally be superior, while at the same time, world peace would be achieved due to everyone being forced to think alike one another. Lech ejects this and here commands the gods to destroy his father and the Sword of Shaky itself. Even with multiple events that draw dies to mythology and religion, Code Seas doesn’t stop there. Characters also play a part in upholding the implied worldview of surpassing god. Naturally, all of these characters are of Britannica origin.

In the Code Seas setting, Britannic is a dominating world power and the only territory left resisting is parts of Japan (named Area 11 by the Holy Britannica Empire). **Even though Lech is a Britannica Prince, he despises Britannic and is the leader of a Orca to bring it down. He wants the world to be peaceful for his younger sister, Annually. This is because his mother was killed due to a power struggle when he was of a young age. ***Charles Uzi Britannic has taken CO because she possesses a Code. Two Codes are required to activate the Sword of Shaky and he already has one of them.

Charles killed V, another mysterious person who gave him his seas, and thus inherited the Code from him. (The seas that Charles has allows him to alter memories of anyone he makes eye contact with. ) Euphemism lie Britannic is one of Emperor Charles daughters. Unlike him, she is kind-hearted and open-minded to everyone around her. Most importantly, she treats everyone with respect, even if they are not Britannica*. Euphemism firmly believes that a “problem must be changed from within” and considers Britain’s elitist monarchy a problem.

She tries to change this by creating a Specially Administrated Zone, in which all people are treated equally, whether they are Britannica or Japanese [SSL :EYE]. Because of this, she is praised by the remaining Japanese. She and Lech (they are half-brother and half-sister) are discussing Japan’s future, which Lech entirely supports, and decides to reveal his seas to her.

When explaining his power to make anyone obey any request, he Jokingly tells her that he could make her kill all the Japanese if he wanted to.His seas activates on accident, and she sets out to do just that**. The end result of this mess is Lech gloomily killing her in order to save the remaining Japanese. Euphemism was described as a martyr by the Japanese for the rest of the show. This relates to SST. Euphemism the Martyr, originating from She was tortured and mocked many times for this belief, and was eventually killed cause of it. *Those living in Area 11 who are not Britannica are Japanese.

Because they are minority in Code Seas, Britannic discriminates against them and racially refers to them as Elevens. *elf a seas is heavily used, it evolves into an uncontrollable seas that stays continually activated. That is one of the risks of using this power and it is proven when he mistakenly commands Euphemism to kill all the Japanese. Emperor Charles upholds the idea of killing god because throughout the series, he is presented as such. As mentioned before, he too has a seas.

He can alter memories f anybody he makes eye contact with. Because of this, Charles has superior power naturally and supernaturally, making him practically untouchable by anyone.He demonstrates this godlike power when giving speeches and receiving unrelenting admiration and obedience from all of the lords, barons, and dukes that serves him. When at the Sword of Shaky, Lech commands the gods to destroy him and the Sword of Shaky, as mentioned before. Somebody managing to defeat Emperor Charles demonstrates the recurring theme of killing god.

Another character that has godlike status is Schnitzel el Britannic. He is the son of Emperor Charles and is given the role of Commander of the Royal Army. He appears largely in the second season and heavily impedes Locust’s goals.

Prince Schnitzel commands the Damocles (a flying castle/warship) that is armed with FLEA antimatter warheads. He can completely erase any area on the surface of the Earth by merely saying he wants it gone. During an aerial battle Lech manages to break through the Damocles defenses and board it. There, he corners Schnitzel and commands him with his seas to serve the Black Knights*.

This action is yet another instance of “dethroning god” that appears in Code Seas. After defeating/killing off the highest members of the throne, Lech makes himself the Emperor of Britannic [SO:EYE].This also makes Lech himself a kind of god. As emperor, Lech manipulates Britannic as well as the Black Knights (the rebellion force that Lech created with the alter ego of Zero) to despise him. He orders the execution of the members of the Black Knights and the Britannica leaders for their “crimes,” causing an outrage. A public execution ceremony is held, and all citizens are forced to attend.

Lech comes riding in on a military vehicle in all of his loyal “splendor” Just to make everyone there (Britannic and Japanese) have even more of the same mindset: anger solely directed at him.When Lech is about to give the final order of execution, Zero* sprints up Locust’s vehicle and stabs him in the chest, killing him. The prisoners are released, and the show ends with everyone living in united peace, which was Locust’s ultimate goal from the start. As of now, all the “gods” that have appeared throughout the entire show have been killed, and the world is at peace. Due to the fact that the religious ties mentioned are not mentioned even once in the show, only implied, leads me to believe that Code Seas suggests overcoming religion can lead to a greater world peace. When Lech created the Black Knights, he rallied people together as a masked man in a cloak who called himself Zero.

Obviously because he had a supernatural ability and was planning a that he was. As the Black Knights became increasingly active, their leader, Zero, was regarded as a terrorist among Britannic, but a hero for the Japanese. When Lech was emperor as mentioned above, none of the Britannic or Japanese knew that he was also Zero. Lech knew his death would now bring a world peace, so he had his best friend and Britannica honorary guard, Suzuki Surging, pose as Zero and kill him.


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