King Epsilon Essay

As a student, I think that It Is more enjoyable if a teacher explains the lessons In a certain subject with some twists or making stories that would hook the interests of a student. It is not only for students to be interested but also the information is easy to understand and remember. Humor helps things suck In our minds.

The story teaching real analysis in the land of making is a great idea of Julie Barnes. Teachers who tell good stories can make subject interesting or easier to relate to. It helps the student to do better In the exams Like what the students of Julie Barnes experienced.

She said that roughly 90% of her students told her that the story had made the material much easier for them to understand, remember, and use. So every year, she used the story and she always got the same positive results. It helps us to understand some definitions found in a standard introductory real analysis. The story had made learning calculus simple because it is stated in a child friendly way.

The author used the deferent symbols In calculus as Its character In the story The equations there are easy to remember.For Students it is more interesting eating tales and stories more than memorizing all the equations and definitions in calculus without twists. When you read tales or stories, you can easily remember the equations by recalling the story of King Epsilon.

Julie Barnes is Just so great. It’s not easy to make a tale or a story especially when you are relating It to math definitions or a certain equations. It Is an Informative story that teaches us a lot of things about calculus. The story was about a certain tale of convergence in the real line.

There was a king named King Epsilon who lived In the Castle Analysis.HIS wife named Queen Delta already died. There are many citizens living on a subset of a real line. In the country, there was a caste system, and everyone is ranked. The king himself would not allow them to call him by a natural number. He was never part of the natural order of things.

King Epsilon had a collection of laws of the kingdom. It is a brilliant idea to a lot of problems that the citizens of the real line have dealt with for centuries. He had a Rule 1 which is the convergence day. During convergence day, King Epsilon would decree the most citizens must travel o a certain place.King Epsilon realized that it is very important for all of his decrees to be obeyed. So he declared that If the subjects didn’t comply with a convergence day there would be an extra tax imposed on all the citizens. He asked some of his advisors about this and came up with the following observation. There was never a need to Impose the tax for noncompliance of Rule 1 .

HIS Rule 2 Is Cauchy days. He realized that having too many convergence days would actually be harder on the citizens on the real line than not having enough convergence days. He met a young authenticate named Cauchy came to King Epsilon with an Idea.He suggested that instead of specifying a town and having a convergence day, these could be simply be days when the citizens have to get together. For any given distance epsilon the lower class citizens would have to be within epsilon of everyone else. There comes this year of hurricanes. It was not uncommon for king epsilon to order mass evacuations from the real line into a parallel universe. King Epsilon proposed was the Hurricane Evacuation Policy where the government must find a parallel universe to evacuate as soon as possible.

All citizens must travel to the new world on magic carpets via a function.Once a functions is chosen, there are two things are of great importance to every citizen: The size of the warp zone that needs to be traveled through the entire world and how magic carpets are measured. There are 4 cases. Case 1 is under perfect conditions, average citizens should be sent to safety in a continuous fashion. Case 2 is the Police officers, rescue workers, and medical personnel are sent wherever they are needed, even if this forces them to travel together. Case 3 is if the function moves in a uniformly continuous fashion, the overspent will mass-produce the magic carpets.

Lastly, the Case 4 Convergence days are not affected by evacuations. King Epsilon was a great king who is very kind and an intelligent, brave man. His love for Queen Delta is definitely wonderful for he has named a certain area to his queen so he could remember her all the time or whenever he went at that area of the country. Every character was really been a part of the calculus subject. The story doesn’t have an ending. Maybe King himself will integrate new ideas into his current kingdom to help students with differentiation and integration.


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