Kipling was a loyal imperialist

Kipling was a loyal imperialist. Oppressed India at the time was under Britain’s thumb of National domination. Kipling always believed that since Britain felt that they needed all absolute power, then they have the responsibility of maintain and governing India’s government. Kipling’s personal attitude toward British India was a sort of patronizing superiority and somewhat repressive. Kipling also strongly believed in Noblesse Oblige, which is a French expression that refers to the obligations and responsibilities bestowed upon the upper and noble class. Basically, if you were born into or created power, wealth, or high status, then you had to fulfill the duty of helping people that are less fortunate. Kipling was strongly convinced based on personal experience that Englishmen were in fact selfish and walked around with their nose high in the air since they were under the impression they were superior to everyone around them. In Kipling’s novel he creates his characters actions and personality based on his beliefs and attitude toward the British Empire.


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