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In what ways does Ibsen make us feel sympathetic towards Sarasota? In the first act of the play ‘A Doll’s House’ by Henries Ibsen, we are presented to many different characters, however, the one that stands out most is the rather out of the ordinary character, Sarasota. Sarasota is a lawyer who went to the same school as Dorval, and has a minor position at Tortilla’s bank. Ibsen tries to plot down certain aspects of Crossroad’s life, In which you see both sides of the character, which might make the readers feel sorry for him.

With this, Ibsen gives the readers the power to ecocide which character they would be sympathetic towards the most. Crossroad’s character is in opposition; although his bad actions seem to push him towards the desire of protecting his children and wife, he is willing to use dishonest tactics to achieve his goals. This leaves Nora In a horrible situation, but his claims to feel sympathy for her and the hard circumstances of his own life drive us to sympathies with him. At first you can see that Sarasota is like any other person, wanting to keep his Job, to know that he is still welcomed some where.

This can be seen in the sentence: “Will oh be so good as to see that I keep my humble position at the bank? ” By using the word ‘humble’ he is shown a sense of sarcasm, meaning that he does not actually enjoy working at the bank, but that he has no other choice, It Is all he has to keep getting money so that he can take care of his wife and children. Later on in the first play his character changes. He is presented as a disheartened, wretched man. This is shown in the line: “Now listen to me, Mrs. Helmet. If I’m forced to, I shall fight for my little Job at the banks as I would fight for my life. Although It his sounds very harsh and quite threatening, It does give him the sense of righteousness. It is the desperate side to him, that no matter what will happen he will keep fighting to keep his job at the bank so that he can survive and so that he can also enjoy this feeling of happiness. Ibsen makes you feel sympathetic towards Sarasota because you realize that he is a condoling guy and really cares about his job, wants to get things done, but cares even more about being able to provide for his family. Crossroad’s aggressive and brutal side is later on shown through the way he threatens

Nora with the sentence: Mimi say that because you don’t want to help me. But I have the means to make you. ” This is a disturbing line from Sarasota because you see the clear lack of consideration he has towards Nora. This shows that he will do everything to get what he wants, even if it means hurting some one along the way. He Is In some ways blackballing Nora, In the way that she has no way out of this he forces her to try to help him keep his Job at her husbands company, even though she has no way of doing so.

Sarasota is the plays main antagonist, however, he is not shown as the typical bad u that you see in other scenarios. This can be shown in the sentence: “Do as you please. But I tell you this. If I get thrown into the gutter for a second time, I shall take you with me. ” Although his actions are not good, his intentions are good. Sarasota is trying to hide his past reputation, and by this he doesn’t want to be knocked down again. By saying this, it shows that he would not go down alone, so that he can show Nora how horrible it is to be left out of society and losing everything that keeps him going.

In this situation, not only the readers would feel sorry for Sarasota, but maybe even Nora herself, because she would be able to relate since he is fighting for his life and for his children to be able to provide for them. In conclusion, Ibsen makes us feel sympathetic towards Sarasota by making him behave like any other human being would. This is shown through bringing up real life situations, as Sarasota only has to go through this so that he can take good care and be secure of his children, and in this the readers could acknowledge the position that Sarasota is in.


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