Kudler Fine Foods & Cardiff Seaside Market Analysis Essay

In this paper I will speak about Kudler Fine Foods and Cardiff Seaside Market and since both the concerns are direct rivals of one another. I would compare and contrast the two concerns in order to analyse the countries where one falls short from the other.Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet food market shop that targets the upscale clients for whom clip restraint is a large issue as the shop enables the clients to purchase their coveted merchandises at one spell. It is based on Southern California and it operates in three locations in San Diego in La Jolla.

Del Mar and Encinitas.Kudler Fine Foods was founded by Kathy Kudler in 1998 who felt that going all the manner out of the town merely for the intent of buying food market points and ingredients used in cookery is palling and to crater to this job. she came up with the enterprise of one halt shopping. The five chief sections that Kudler Fine Foods is divided into are mentioned below.Fresh bakeshop and pastriesFresh green goodsFresh meat and seafoodCondiments and packaged nutrientsCheeses and forte dairy merchandisesOne thing that has to be noted about Kudler Fine Foods is that they do non merely sell the ingredients that are used by people while cooking repasts but they sell place cooked repasts as good and this eases the cookery attempts.

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( University of Phoenix. 2007 ) .

Cardiff Seaside Market is one of the biggest rivals of Kudler Fine Foods and it was formed in 1985. It does non merely offer ace quality merchandises to the clients but it besides provides them with first-class services. It is a household owned and operated concern and the direction promises to make excellence in every section.Cardiff Seaside Market has a concatenation of shops that offers a assortment of points that includes nutrient points and they besides sell other things such as flowered points and gifts. The points and services that Cardiff Seaside Market offers to its clients are mentioned below.

( Cardiff Seaside Market. n. d. ) .1.

Catering2. Cheese3. Cuisine and bakeshop4. Floral and gifts5.

Meat and sea nutrient6. Produce7. Wine8. Gluten free merchandisesWhen we compare the place pages of the web sites of both the concerns. it is much evident that the offerings of Cardiff Seaside Market outnumber that of Kudler Fine Foods. Both the concerns offer the clients to purchase cheese and dairy merchandises. culinary art and bakeshop points.

meat and sea nutrient. vino and green goods.However. Cardiff Seaside Market besides offers catering services and gluten free merchandises and free healthy formulas. Cardiff Seaside Market is a household oriented concern while Kudler Fine Foods was founded by a lady named Kathy Kudler who realized that going to the town to purchase kitchen points was palling. Further speaking about the place page. I would state that since Kudler Fine Foods is owned by a lady.

non much inventions and new schemes are being used to better the concern operations but Cardiff Seaside Market offers particular nutrient points on day-to-day footing and they have besides given their hebdomadal special.Besides this. the reward card of Cardiff Seaside Market offers the clients the chance to gain wagess up to 3 % . Complimentary Healthy Grocery Store Tours are besides offered by Cardiff Seaside Market where the clients get to cognize about all sorts of information related to nutrition. Since the expert has studied dietetic theories and clinical facets of wellness and nutrition. the clients can acquire to cognize about their questions and about the manner they can populate healthier lives.

Furthermore. since the plans offered by them are unambiguously tailored harmonizing to the penchants of the clients. all the wellness concerns of the persons are good taken attention of. ( The Whole Journey. n. d.

) . Further speaking about the sub subdivisions of the web sites of both the concerns. they are divided into different parts harmonizing to their offerings in which the inside informations of the offerings are mentioned. ( Hisrich. Peters & A ; Shepherd. 2006 ) .

The web site of Kudler Fine Foods is non available for entree to every person and when you search for it on Google ; we are non able to acquire any such nexus. However. people can hold entree to the web site through University of Phoenix but they need a username and watchword for that. Therefore. entree to the web site of Kudler Fine Foods is non easy as it is non public but the website entree of Cardiff Seaside Market is really easy and convenient as it can be easy found while shoping on the Internet.As I already mentioned about the website entree. I would state that the hunt ability of Cardiff Seaside Market is really easy but in the instance of Kudler Fine Foods.

everyone can non hold entree to the web site. Further speaking about the layout of the web sites. Kudler Fine Foods has a really simple web site and everything mentioned on the web site can be easy found and is easy to read and understand. Same is the instance with Cardiff Seaside Market is but they have added some more things other than the rudimentss i. e. their offerings.These new add-ons that Cardiff Seaside Market has made include the hebdomadal specials.

soups of the twenty-four hours and formulas.The artworks of both the web sites are all right but the images used by Cardiff Seaside Market are non excessively tricky and so they must be replaced with more lively images while Kudler Fine Foods must add some more images to maintain the involvement of the clients. The pilotage of the web sites is all right and one is easy able to shop the full web site.Although the merchandise show at Cardiff Seaside Market is all right but they should add some more images to do them stand out but in the instance of Kudler Fine Foods. the web site has really less images because of which it is a spot deadening.

The site disposal of Kudler Fine Foods is done by Apollo Group and it is being done apart from the other alterations that have to be made.On the web site of Kudler Fine Foods. there is no option for the clients to pay online but Cardiff Seaside market offers a payment solution to the clients and the clients can order online and they can either pick up their bringing or they can acquire their orders delivered to their coveted reference. Once the clients select their coveted option. they can take their choice up day of the month and they besides have the installation of telling seven yearss before they really need to roll up the order or to acquire the order delivered. Last.

the clients can besides take the clip at which they find it executable for them to pick the order or to acquire it delivered.MentionCardiff Seaside Market. ( n. d. ) . How May We Serve You? May 12th.

2010. Retrieved from: hypertext transfer protocol: //seasidemarket. com/Hisrich. R. . Peters.

M. & A ; Shepherd. D. ( 2006 ) . Entrepreneurship. 7th Edn. McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

The Whole Journey. ( n. d. ) . Holistic nutrition and health. May 12th.

2010. Retrieved from: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. thewholejourney.

com/University of Phoenix. ( 2007 ) . Kudler Fine Foods. May 12th. 2010.

Retrieved from: hypertext transfer protocol: //ecampus. Phoenix. edu/secure/aapd/CIST/VOP/Business/Kudler/Internet/Index.



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