Lab Safety

Question Answer
Flammable materials, like alcohol should never be dispensed or used near? an open flame
If a lab fire starts you should? tell your teacher
When should your wear goggles? any time chemicals, heat, or glassware are used.
If you wear contact lenses in the science lab what should you do? tell your teacher
If you do not understand a direction or part of the lab procedure what should you do? ask your teacher before you begin
After completing an experiment what should you do with chemical waste? dispose of them as instructed by your teacher
If you are not able to complete the lab in the time given what should you do? tell your teacher
How do you correctly heat a substance in a test tube? Always point the open end of the tube away from all people
If you are heating a piece of glass and you want to pick to up what should you do? Use tongs
If you are injured during a lab what should you do? tell your teacher
When you are gathering lab equipment what should you watch for? you are getting all necessary equipment, glassware is not chipped or cracked, all equipment is clean
You want a to place a piece of glass tubing into a rubber stopper after the tubing has been fired polished and cooled. What should you do? lubricate the tubing with water or glycerin, use a cotton towel or gloves and twist the tubing and stopper carefully
Can your glasses that you wear protect your face and eyes from chemicals like goggles? No
What should you do with long hair in a lab setting? tie your hair back and keep it completely out of the way with a hair band or hair pins.
In a lab is it ok to wear loose clothing, dangling jewelry or sandals? No
What kind of shoes should be wore during a lab? closed-toed shoes
Is it ok to horseplay or joke around in the lab? No
If a piece of equipment is not working properly what should you do? stop, turn it off and tell your teacher
If you splash acid on your skin what should you do? wash it at once with plenty of water
When you finish working with chemicals , biological specimens, and other lab substances what should you do? wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water
True or FalseHot glass looks the same as cold glass? True
True or FalseAll chemicals in the lab are to be considered dangerous? True
True or FalseAll unused chemicals should be returned to their original containers? False
True or FalseWork areas should be kept clean and tidy True
True or FalsePipets are used to measure and dispense small amounts of liquid. You should draw the liquid into the pipet using your mouth False
True or FalseLab work can be started immediately upon entering the classroom even if the teacher is not in there False
True or FalseNever remove chemicals or other equipment from the lab True
True or FalseChipped or cracked glassware is ok to use False
True or FalseRead all procedures before starting the lab True
True or FalseAll unauthorized experiments are prohibited True
True or FalseYou are allowed to enter the chemical storage area any time you need to get something False
True or FalseLab aprons should be worn during all lab activities True
True or FalseIt is ok to pick up broken glass with your bare hands as long as the glass is placed in the trash False
True or FalseNever leave a lit burner unattended True

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