Urban growth and structures Essay

Manila is impossible. Different causes which consider a well researched and localized study to produce a sufficient solution have been pointed out by authorities and experts. According to a geology professor in University of the Philippines, Richards Saturday (2013) claims that urban growth and structures such as buildings and roads contributes to the increasing flood problems. Surface runoffs are causes of these structures.

It was said that these surface runoffs are supposed to pass through sewage system, but because of poor construction the systems are incapable of accumulating all runoffs. One example of a sewage system that’s incapable of letting the flood run through it that was presented by the news from a blob in aria. Net, is a creek called Canal De Ablate, which is now buried under roads, the National Museum, Manila City Hall, Philippine Normal University, Hotel India, and SMS City Manila. Another cause of flood that was presented by Saturday (2013) is inability of the sewer ND/or river to hold the amount of water in it.

He stated that if those cannot hold contain all the water, then it will cause flood. He then suggested that different causes of flood in Metro Manila should be considered and not Just concentrate on the garbage or informal settlers. With the cause of great floods, The Philippines’ Department of Public Works and Highways (DEPTH) plants to restore fifteen pumping stations and drainage channels and to develop waterways and river basins around Metro Manila, and this was expected to be done by the year 2035. The article presented causes of floods and some effects of these.

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By giving some statements from professionals and data from the research of other people, it has provided details that provides a big image that this problem in Manila is in need of a well planned and well though solutions. These facts were presented together with the plan of the government in order to inform and ease the people concerned. With this article, the researches gain knowledge with regards to what they are after, which is the cause and effects of the floods around Manila and the plans for the problem.


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