“Landscraping” did it. Soil from the pool created the grassy hill next to it Essay

Changes of level create an unexpected topography and increased
privacy in this once-flat yard in Chatsworth, California. A carefully
orchestrated plan allows the yard to have a sunken pool 2 feet below
grade, a trellis with its base at the original level of the yard, and a
gently sloping grassy area that rolls down from a slumpstone wall.

“Landscraping” is what Santa Monica landscape architect
Michael Kobayashi calls the yard conversion–much of the soil excavated
for the pool was merely moved to one side to create a grassy hill. The
soil was backfilled against the wall, making it appear shorter–on the
neighbor’s side it measures a full 6 feet.

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Despite the sunken pool, the yard drains well. A surveyor
determined the proper grading levels so that runoff flows to the street.
Additional drain lines run behind the brick walls that rise from the
pool on the three raised sides.

The owner-builder is Gary Peterson of American Landscape, Inc.


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