Languages and Religion Essay

Task 1. Ainu are indigenous population of Japan. They live on Hokkaido, Japan’s northern island, but the Ainu culture once lived in the southern part of Sakhalin Island and the Kuril Islands.

Ainu language has 3 main dialects. They are: Hokkaido-dialect, Sakhalin-dialect, and Kurile-dialect. Ainu language isn’t written language.

This language is almost dead. Hattori Shiro, who completed an Ainu dialect dictionary, believe that Ainu language is from the Altaic family. Ainu’s religion is pantheistic, it means that they believe in many Gods. They believe in nature Gods. The main God in the home was the female god of fire.As mentioned before, Ainu believe in many Gods, on the contrary in my culture people believe in one God. Then, Ainu believe that soul cycles through 2 worlds, and this worlds are almost the same.

In my culture, people believe that after death soul goes to another better world. Ainu believes are animism. In my culture, human is made in the image and likeness of God.

Japan hasn’t stated such ethnic minority like Ainu. Only in 1991, in a report to the United Nations did Japan publicly recognize the Ainu as an ethnic minority. Government still refused to recognize the Ainu as an indigenous people. Today Ainu minority faced the problem of disappearing.Task 2.

Some countries declare official languages because it is easier to keep official documents in one language, and keep official meetings in one language. Declare official language may lead to some quarrel between different ethnic groups, may lead to thoughts about some discrimination from ethnic groups.Task 3. Sikhism is one of the youngest religions in the world. But today it has a over 20 million followers worldwide and is ranked as the worlds 5th largest religion. This religion is monotheistic, Sikhs believe in one God, who is the Creator of the Universe, isn’t born and will never die and is present everywhere.

In Sikhism all people are equal. It means that all human beings are equal, people of all religions and races are welcome in Sikhism, women have equal status with men in religious services and ceremonies. However, Muslims do not give women equal status, and they have to wear veils. Sikhs believe that after a person dies, his soul is born again in another body, human or animal, it calls cycles of life. One’s next life depends on his behaviour in the past life. Sikhs are a peace loving people and stand for Truth and Justice.

However, Sikhism instructs to give women equal status. Muslims give way to animal sacrifices. On the contrary, Sikhs believe that killing God’s creations in the Name of God is like a jibe. Sikhism blame blind rituals such as fasting, pilgrimage, superstitions, worship of the dead. Muslims makes fast and consider the month of Ramadan holy. Muslims makes fast and consider the month of Ramadan holy, pilgrimages.Sikhism doesn’t believe in the idea of circumcision, but Muslims believe. Moreover, Sikhism instructs the purpose of life.

The purpose of this life is to become one with God. First the Sikh Gurus travelled widely into a number of countries like Iran, Iraq, whole of modern India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Burma, Bangladesh etc. There after they send missionaries. They recognize truthfulness in other religions and believed in equality. They fought for the oppressed and organized them to come forward. Basic belief was Oneness of Him and realizing his presence everywhere.

Sikhism originated in Punjab at the end of the XV century in a reform movement initiated by a spiritual leader called Nanak. Between about 1850 and 1971 there was considerable diffusion of Sikhism. Sometimes this occurred by voluntary migration, because the Sikh community was notoriously adventurous. Often the diffusion followed forced migration caused by political unrest.

The Sikh community also experienced difficulty dealing with alcoholism, domestic violence, discrimination on all fronts, and identity issues such as integrating their cultural and religious background in the best social climate. After September 11 many Sikhs were discriminated against.I believe in God, because despite the difficulties of our life, there are a lot of miracles that happen almost everyday.

In my opinion, there is a higher power, and this power is God. However, God doesn’t influence human’s density, but he helps to achieve goals.I think there is a God, because all culture in the world believe in God. Moreover, only God could make our universe.

And the difficult organisation of our brain is another prove. Because of these reasons humans believe in God. Maybe most people believe in God because they bring up in religion.References


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