Last but not least

Last but not least, the importance. Sound plays an important role in each and every movies. Sound make everything looks realistic so that audiences are not confused. The sound and actions also need to be synchronized otherwise unbelievable. In order to make the scene looks lively, asynchronous sound effect plays an important role too. According to Jane (1988), asynchronous sound effect are not matched with a visible source of the sound on screen. Such sounds are included so as to provide an appropriate emotional nuance, and they may also add to the realism of the film. Asynchronous sound effect can characterize the narrative style of certain movies. For example, a film maker opt to include the background sound of an ambulance’s siren while the foreground sound and image portrays a car crash. The asynchronous ambulance siren tell the audience what happen during the scene; at the same time the sound of the ambulance siren adds the to the realism of the film by acknowledging the film’s urban city setting. Sound also conveys time information accurately than visuals. When a film maker want to set the movie during a cowboy era, the sound of guns and galloping horses are added to make it more relevant instead of using other sound effect. Such sounds give the audience the information about what really happening during that era. If the sound and the visuals are not sync and relevant to that movie setting, audiences will not paying any attention to that movie as it create an absurd style of narration.
In conclusion, sounds reflect the physical reality of the scene, immerses the listener into the world, which makes the environment inside the film comes alive

Marshall, J. K. (1988). Introduction to Film Sound. Retrieved November 7, 2018, from

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