It is a mark of a developed economy and legal system that business and entrepreneurs are afforded a range of options and a great freedom in their dealings. No other country’s law comes close to typifying this truism than English…

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Joint Family Essay

A Hindu Joint Family or Joint Family is an extended family arrangement prevalent among traditional Indians of the Indian subcontinent, consisting of many generations living under the same roof. All the male members are blood relatives and all the women…

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In Malaysia, there is no hibah law instituted which implies that the State Legislature and Parliament (for the Federal Territories) has never affirmed the exceptional statute of hibah for Muslims to be actualized in the Syariah courts. All that is…

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Reading Essay

If we are to wrestle McLuhan’s turn of phrase from him we can hear, “the medium is the message” applying to the text.  Shed the technological aspects of hot and cool media and we can thresh loose the kernel of…

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