Leaders and Managers Essay

Social enterprise ? business which does not follow the shareholder primacy model, but whose focus is on the furtherance of its social objectives Does leadership matter at nonprofits? Passionate about cause (must believe in cause to convince others, raise capital, further social objectives) regardless whether the goal of the business is profit or social objectives, leadership definitely matters or none of the goals will be effectively achieved leaders at nonprofits should have significant experience in profit-making organization first? Classical nonprofit leader also needs financial acumen (be financial managers) Should leaders be managers? If leaders don’t know how to manage, they’ll fail because of lack of technical knowledge and competence if managers don’t lead, they will lose the confidence and support of their subordinates role of a manager today is not Just to administer tasks or maximize efficiency, but they have to nurture skills, develop talent, and inspire exults ?> related to shift towards knowledge-based economy?Difference between leader and manager: manager administers, leader innovates manager focuses on system and structure, leader focuses on people manager has a short range view, leader has a long range perspective Leadership is not reserved solely for the one at the top of the hierarchy Management is the set of processes that we have in place ? planning, organizing, budgeting, assuring performance Management delivers the results that we want, of the standard that we want (egg. Reduction of quality goods and services) Leadership is about the long-term nature of the business, ensuring its competitiveness in the future Leaders need vision and innovation (challenge the status quo while managers abide by and accept it) High performance teams need sufficient leadership ? which does not come only from the top-down Need managers and leaders Leaders and Managers By maracas


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