Leadership Essay

1. Leadership as a procedure. is the usage of no coercive influence to determine the group’s or organization’s ends. actuate behavior toward the accomplishment of those ends. and assist specify group or organisational civilization ; as a belongings. the set of features attributed to persons who are perceived to be leaders.

2. General Mandible is non a leader because he does non actuate the emmets to accomplish the colony’s end. unless the end was for all the emmets to submerge and decease.

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He leaves all the emmets to submerge at the terminal of the film. Leaderships stick with the squad all the manner and do non seek to kill their ain squad.3. Zee is a leader because in a crises minute he does non acquire scared. At the terminal of the film when all the emmets are about to submerge.

he motivates all of them to construct a ladder to the top. and his program ends up salvaging all the emmets. He is able to utilize unaggressive force to actuate the emmets.4. The quote “Individualism makes us vulnerable” applies to emmets where one emmet alone is weak and little and can’t do much.

but all the emmets together can make anything. Like it takes all the emmets to do the ladder at the terminal of the film salvaging them from submerging. it is important to their endurance that they stick together. This largely applies everyplace. being in a squad is better than being alone.5. The Power Position is the physical place in the room for a concern meeting.

which purportedly has the most power. The leader in this place where he can see all entrywaies to the room and no activity is traveling on behind him. Three types of place power are: Legitimate Power- Power granted through the organisational hierarchy ; it is the power defined by the organisation that is to be accorded people busying peculiar places. Reward Power- The power to give or keep back wagess. such as salary additions.

fillips. publicities. congratulations. acknowledgment. and interesting occupation assignments. Coercive Power- The power to coerce conformity by agencies of psychological. emotional. or physical menace.

6. A scene from the film that illustrates the usage of place power is when General Mandible is discoursing about the settlement with the Queen and the Queen Tell him he can make whatever he likes because she trusts him that he will make everything for the good of the settlement. She has legitimate power granted through the hierarchy. but so the General abuses his power and the plants start to work hard because they don’t want to cover with the General because he uses Coercive Power.

7. Personal power is the power that comes from within to act upon other it has nil to make with the individuals place. Two types of personal power are: Referent Power- The personal power that accrues to person based on designation. imitation.

trueness or personal appeal. Expert Power- The individual


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