The Role of Senior Leadership requires someone who showsgreat commitment to the school environment and shows confidence in being amajor representative for the school. Throughout my five years at  St. John’s I have become aware of the strong community that the school has and as Iembark on my final year of education at the school, I really love this schooland what it stands for.

When I wear my school uniform, I wear it with pride. Iknow I can be a great leader because I treat this school the same way I treatmyself and my family; with dignity, respect and pride and I want to be able tohave the privilege and responsibility to make a significant contribution to thespirit of the school that will not only be beneficial to me, but also my fellowpeers.  School years to me are a combination of highs and lows, ofups and downs, the comfort of old friends, the meeting of new one’s and ofexperiencing new things. Every individual has their own expectations and viewson school, what it should bring, what it should stand for, but to me it isquite clear school is a period in your lifetime where you find yourself, andwhat you are destined to do.

For me, high school has helped me interact withdifferent people, motivate me for a brighter future, and change for the better.High school is definitely going to be an unforgettable memory, and therefore anexcellent experience. Over the last 5 years at St. John’s college, I have beengiven the opportunity to develop many of my skills and qualities, which ifelected I would be able to bring to the roles I’ve applied for but the schoolas a whole.

As a pupil, I have always endeavoured to integrate fully into theschool, to work as a team and to adopt a mutual respect for my colleagues andpeers. As a person I believe that I am honest, respectful, I am passionate,approachable, determined, motivated and above all, genuine.  and always willing to listen yet willing tolead. I believe I’m also a generally good public speaker. I am well organised andI like to do tasks that I am given very quickly. I treat everyone equally andtry my best to include everyone in activities.From my five years at St.

Johns I have come to understandmany things including responsibility, hard work, commitment and confidence.When I reflect on my five years here, I can’t say it has all been easy. Frominitially struggling in lessons to broken friendships, I have faced manychallenges. However, being here has taught me resilience and has made me betterperson from learning of mistakes.Whilst at high school I have always enjoyed helping othersas well as striving to do my best at anything and everything I do. For me, oneof these roles is an honour and something which will allow me ‘give somethingback’ to the school for all the support and encouragement that I have beengiven over the years.



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