Learning Style Essay

Running head: MY LEARNING STYLE 1 My Learning Style COE 101 Bethel University JaJuan Mccurry MY LEARNING STYLE 2 My Learning Style Three fundamental ways of learning are, Kinesthetic, Visual, and Auditory. He or she may be one single learner or a combination of all three. Using these certain tools of learning can be extremely useful, in not only educational instances, but real life as well.Being a Kinesthetic learner he or she is well coordinated, likes touching things and learn best by doing. This kind of learner likes collecting samples and spending time outdoors. A Kinesthetic learner uses hands on activities such as computer games.

He or she might also like to build and put things together. You would often find a Kinesthetic learner doodling or drawing pictures. A Kinesthetic may choose a career path of a engineer, police officer, surgeon, or chef (Bethel University, 2006). In my conclusion a person comprehends information that falls back on these three basic: reader, listener, and doer.Everyone processes data differently. This will ensure your job, school, and home life is readied effectiveness.

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MY LEARNING STYLE 3 Analyzers have a key word of thinking. This type of learner tends to be logical, loyal, and dedicated and organized. Analyzers perceive information, they like models, lectures, textbooks and solitary work (Bethel University, 2006). Supporters, have a key word of feeling.

This learner tends to cooperative, honest, warm, and understanding. Supporters are warm and fun-loving.They are insightful and they take certain approaches to resolving problems. He or she can be imaginative thinkers and tends to be personally involved with events.

Creators are innovative, flexible, creative, idealistic people. Amoral, cunning, ruthless, and instructive, this bestselling work 3,000 years of history of power into 48 well-explicated laws (Elffers, 1998). As attention-grabbing in its design as it is in content, this bold volume outlines the laws of power in their unvarnished essence, synthesizing the philosophies of Machiavelli, Sun-tzn, Carl von Clauswitz, and other great thinkers (Robert Greene: Joost Elffers 1998).

He reveals the leadership insight he has learned during the thirty-plus years of leadership successes he has had in business, politics, sports, religion, and conflict (John Maxwell, 2001). MY LEARNING STYLE 4 References Bethel University, (2006). College Orientation Experience. Boston, MA: MacGraw Hill. John Maxwell, (2001).

The Power of Leadership. Tulsa, Okla: River Oak Retrieve from Bethel library. Elffers, J. , Robert, G.

(1998). 48 Laws of Powers. New York: Viking Retrieve from Bethel library.


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