Leaves falling from the trees, winds hustling like a cat in despair Essay

Leaves falling from the trees, winds hustling like a cat in despair. Lights on a nearby alley flickering with the cool breeze. In the darkness of the night, two strangers walked on by. Arms wrapped around each other, feeling secure to be together as if the world was theirs. Laughing and giggling, they stared deeply at each other’s eyes.

She felt the wind whisper to her ear. He smiled at her with glee. She looked up at the gloomy sky, thinking about what would happen in the following days. The wind disrupted her thoughts. His hand swiftly touched her long and sleek blonde hair.Suddenly, a loud clang was heard.

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The smiles faded and the laughter and the giggling died away. There was silence; it wasn’t for a long time. Screams were heard; screams of a woman terrified of something or someone.

After a minute or so, the screams withered and silence swept over them. The wind was gentle but it gradually grew stronger. Calmness filled the air, not a single sound could be perceived.The sirens of patrol cars could be heard from afar.

Zack stood to his feet, part of his body aching. Everything seemed to be moving so deliberate. Puzzled and terrified of what he had just witnessed, he dashed to his car. Blood was streaming through his head. He felt something was running down his face and the wind immensely cold. The street was getting brighter, lights slowly being turned on.

Heads were peering out of the windows, hoping to see what the commotion was all about. Zack hurriedly stepped on the accelerator, and ran at sixty miles per hour. He drove as fast as he could, running away from what he saw. Terrified.”Mindy! Come back!” Rachel shouted.

She pretended as if she couldn’t hear a sound. There it was again, that strange feeling. Her head aching like needles that kept on pricking into her head. Memories she didn’t know existed kept flashing on her mind.

Bits and pieces, all so confusing!”I can’t take this anymore!” Mindy cried, “Why won’t it stop?”She thought about the past years; the only three years she could remember. It was a rainy morning and rain poured down the windowpane. The sun was hiding behind the misty clouds, the trees swaying with the melody of the wind. Although it was damp outside, the air inside was warm.”Good morning,” a calm voice greeted her.

She began to open her eyes. A beam of light stroke into it and blurry images rushed to her sight. Voices began to get louder. She couldn’t remember anything, not a familiar voice.”Good morning, young lady,” he greeted again.Her eyes wide open now. She didn’t know any of them. She couldn’t even remember her name.

Hysterical amnesia was what the doctor had said – a memory loss caused by psychological trauma. Mindy could remember what he said to them. “This is a temporary condition and you will recover soon.” Mindy met Rachel and they became good friends. Whenever visions of people show up in her head, she simply ignored it.

She knows that once the truth is revealed, things would certainly change. “Mindy! Wait!” Rachel called out again, hoping to stop her. Nearly out of breath, Mindy ceased her running. Tears were flooding from her soared eyes, her lips as dry as her skin. Her feet were aching from the heels that she was wearing. Passers-by were glancing at her with confusion.”I can’t bear this anymore!” she sobbed.* * *A loud knock on the door was heard.

He glanced at the window and saw a police car and two people that seemed to be cops. One of them was talking to an old woman across the street and the other one was at his front door, staring, waiting for him to open it. ‘I didn’t do anything wrong,’ he thought to himself. Knock! There it goes again. His body was still; his face became pale, eyes wide open. He looked like a bloodless man. He felt like his bloods were rapidly throbbing through the veins.

He decided to open the door and a man stood with his eyes fixated on him.His clothes tattered that an iron had to run along with him just to keep it neat. He was clutching a notepad with some notes on it. His hair swiftly extended to the length of a woman’s. Figures of a blonde woman, lying on the ground kept spinning and repeating on his mind. Round and round it turned, a bloody woman screaming for help. Panting, Zack woke up from his sleep.

Shivering, shaking, and shuddering from his nightmare. Gasping for breath, he drank a glass of water taking his mind of the dreadful dream. He had these dreams repeatedly and night by night, the dream develops into a more advanced stage.Early the next morning, Zack was ready.

He was now ready to face the things that he had left behind three years ago. He has been petrified since the night he left Chicago but he knew that he has to confront his fears.”Back to the past,” Zack mumbled.Mindy looked down at her window, traffic was everywhere with drivers looking frustrated. It was a sunny afternoon, workers rushed for their lunches. The street was filled with people in their business suits as if they were clones.

She noticed a man in a dark coloured cloak. He was shifting and looking really scared like a bunch of people would attack him. The man glanced at the window to where Mindy was; Mindy caught a glimpse of him and thought he looked familiar.”Good morning, Mindy,” interrupted Rachel.Zack sat at the coffee house table, looking around and quite nervous. An hour ago, he was in Chicago, wandering around to find memories of him and Jasmine but now he’s stuck in a coffee house in Michigan.

He looked up at the window and noticed that someone was looking at him. Eager to see who it was, he stood up and got a good look at the person. Shocked and surprised at what he saw, he ran to the door of the apartment and knocked as hard as he could. Mindy was almost knocked out of the chair, the man he was just staring at saw her.

She could hear him knock loudly at the door.


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