Lebron James Best Player in World Essay

Imagine you are in the stands of a Miami Heat game watching the greatest player of the game Lebron James play. One minute you see in chasing down a defender to block him. Then next you see him running a fast break down the court flying through the air. Are you thinking that could be MJ? The answer would be no, because according to Lebron he is not MJ he is LJ. •Lebron James is considered the very best among many top players to ever play the game. •For one Lebron James can score at will whenever he pleases and wherever he pleases. Second James has the very best defense in the game, by being able to lock down the very best of players.

•Thirdly Lebron James is one of the most athletic NBA stars out there.Body I. Lebron James scoring ability is unbelievable, according to many NBA fans and commentators of the game. They say when he wants to score he will score. When he wants to win he will win. Furthermore, Lebron James can dominate any team and any defense by how he can score from any where on the court. •Lebron James can shoot from any where on the court.

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You want him to shoot a three he will right in a defenders face making it look so easy. Another way Lebron’s scoring makes him one of the greatest is by how easily he can get to the rim. •For one he can dunk on any defender by the shear power and intensity he plays at •Lebron is 265 lbs. can run a 4.

6 in a 40-meter dash, and is bigger and more powerful than any player in the NBA. •James has the clutch gene meaning in late games, he doesn’t feel the pressure that comes from his teammates and the fans.•He will just score and keep scoring until he feels that he has done enough and then some.

•Lebron James statistics prove he is best by in current year of 2012-2013 season he is averaging 27. points per game, 8 rebounds per game, 7. 3 assist, and a 32. 65 efficiency. •Which those stats right there are amazing because in NBA you are considered to be average at 15 efficiency rate and 20 is great, while 30 is considered amazing. •For further proof on why Lebron’s scoring makes him the best is last game he played against the Kings the final score was 141 Heat to 129 Kings. •Lebron James finished with 40 points, 16 assists, 2 steals, and 8 rebounds. •The man is considered a walking triple double on the court according to Steve Kerr who was one of NBA’S top 3-point shooter.

James broke the record for highest efficiency rating by having his over 32•Furthermore Wilt Chamberlin who played in the 60’s, in which he was only seven footer at the time and owned the league, held the previous record. •Leading to how the game has changed today where the defense is much better Lebron still can show he is the most amazing player out there. •Also Lebron James broke Kobe Bryant’s record of achieving 20,000 points at 28, while Kobe who held the record at 29. •This just proves he is the best by beating Kobe Bryant who is considered also as one of the best players of all time.

II. The defense side of Lebron is crucial to every players game because good defense leads to even better of offense. James has the defense side by the steals he gets or can get, and what he is known for being a chase down artist. •Lebron’s defense is merely just one part of his game that just is amazing. •James blocking ability is incredible by being able to swat just about anyone with how high he can jump and the timing of which he has to jump in order to reject the ball handler.

•He is known for defenders going on a fast break and chasing them down and swatting them from behind. He has down this to Kobe Bryant in the past, has done it to Carmelo Anthony, and Derrick Rose, and many others.•Those names above are just some of the great players in NBA, which just shows that great can’t beat amazing. •An example of how great his defense is last year in the playoffs, Lebron James was playing the Bulls who had Derrick Rose. •Derrick Rose when Lebron wasn’t guarding him first game, had over 30 points in the game. •The next time the two teams met up Lebron was covering Derrick Rose and made him look like a fool, because he only got 12 points and over 6 turnovers. Also, a big factor is Lebron is rated the second strongest player in the NBA right behind the Laker’s center Dwight Howard according to the NBA.

•Lebron is one of the only players to be able to play all five positions on the court.•Meaning he can guard literally anyone and shut them down because of how quick and strong he is on defense. III.

The last aspect of Lebron James’s game that makes him the greatest is his athletic ability. •There are many players who come close to Lebron when comes to his athletic ability, but the one factor that puts him to the top is how big he is and still does what he does. I mean Blake Griffin who is considered the best dunker in the NBA couldn’t even come close to Lebron James. •For one Lebron is 265 which means it takes a lot of power to get a person who weighs that much into the air and dunk the ball. •Even that is just remarkable it self he has a vertical leap of 44 inches. •That is just crazy, which in return a man who is 6 foot 8 265 lbs. can jump almost 4 feet in the air. •If that doesn’t say someone is athletic then I don’t know what athletic is then.

•A reason why his athletic ability makes him great is by how he does not get hurt. Usually the most athletic you are the less prone you are to getting hurt. •He trains rigorously everyday to keep his body in shape for all the hard contact he faces when he drives to the rim, or backing someone down in the post.

•Which if you would know the closer you get to the rim the most physical it gets. •So in order to not get hurt you have to train your body in a way so that it is use to getting hit like that, which in the end goes to how athletic you are. •One major feature is the man is 265 and can run a 4. 6 in 40 yard dash. That is just simply amazing because usually the bigger you the slower you are, but he is not slow what so ever.•Lebron’s athletic ability can be shown by before every game he does a 360 degree dunk after throwing it off the back board or does a under the leg dunk, and makes it look so easy like he isn’t even trying.

•Another feature is that he plays every position on the court. •He can be a big man for you because of how big he is and his post game is one of the best. •You want him to be the point guard and pass the ball he will be your facilitator. You want him to be your lock down defender or top scorer he can do all these things at one time.

•Which is so impressive because of how he can adjust his game to make him and other who play around him better. Conclusion Lebrons scoring ability, his defense, and athletic ability are just some reasons why he is considered the best player to have ever played the game. So in conclusion when you turn on the television and you see Lebron James playing make sure you watch it because you never know what the Hall Of Famer is going to do next.


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