The flow of operational procedures Essay

They will learn to execute and improve the flow of operational procedures n the front office department, use appropriately and in right context the equipments and tools within front office and they will learn to establish and maintain the connections and professional communications between front office and the other departments in the hotel. During the course emphasis will be on the acquisition of front office related knowledge, skills and attitudes enabling the students to work effectively and open minded with their colleagues and supervisors.

Most importantly the students will learn to define and execute the services related to the guest cycle pre-arrival, arrival, occupancy, departure) and they will learn how to exceed the expectations of the guest. The students will learn to use in a correct manner the principles of empowerment at the guest contact points in the front office and they will learn to demonstrate a proactive and “can do” attitude.

The students will also be introduced to some managerial aspects of the front office operations, such as activity planning, increasing revenues and evaluating the performance within the front office operations. 3. Course Analysis This integrated course is purposefully designed to help students to prepare for sections as entry-level managers. The students will acquire basic front office knowledge and skills and this will allow them to manage successfully hospitality businesses.

Furthermore, the exposure to the practice of the front office operations will help the MINIMUM / MINIMUM Front Office Operations Course Schedule- First Semester Academic Year 2013 Page 1 of 13 August, 2013 students to develop others skills such as dealing with guest complaints, taking the correct service recovery actions, handling emotional stress and proactively interact Witt colleagues in other departments to the hotel.

In this – theory and practice balanced – course students and instructor will “practice what is preached”. This meaner, for example, that the students should develop and demonstrate during the course their work and study planning skills, their engagement to the final result their willingness to work in teams and their contribution to such a team, their collaborative ethics and their positive mindset towards feedback. 4. Learning Objectives By the end of the course, the students will be able to: Knowledge 1 .

Describe and explain the front office and inter-departmental hotel organization: The organization chart The workflow and responsibilities of the front office operations: reservations, front desk, concierge, porter, guest relations The role of and communication streams with the related departments in the hotel Define and elaborate on the required services to be rendered of the 4 phases of the guest service cycle: Pre-arrival Arrival Occupancy Departure Explain the functioning and operation of the most important systems in the front office, such as: Property Management System Point of Sale System Central Reservation System Comprehend the basic philosophy and functions of yield management: Room capacity and revenues: TAR and REVEAL Typology of clients and room rate range policies Concepts of revenue improvement opportunities Describe and identify front office procedures for responding to guest information requests. Guest Relations in handling complaints Guest Services Procedures Interdepartmental Communications Page 2 of 13 August, 2013 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Describe and explain the different (international and Thai standard) protocols for receiving various types of guests: corporate, FIT, group, VII, WIPE Skills Execute all standard procedures in the trout office (reservation, check-in, checkout etc) in an efficient and effective way with the help of the available (computer) systems Apply the protocols for receiving and handling the various typologies of guests in a hotel in a correct manner. 3. Negotiate correctly with guests and practice actively up- and cross-selling strategies 4. Demonstrate the ability to handle staff, hotel and guest safety and security problems; Access control Hotel and guest emergencies Execute basic night auditing procedures.

Prepare a weekly or monthly staff working schedule within he front office area Collect and provide all information to the guest about activities, events, restaurants, transportation etc Communicate effectively both orally and in writing with colleagues within the Front Office and with in other departments in the hotel Carry out an “on the Job training” for all skills as above. 7. 8. 9. 10. Describe the advantage of interview questions 1 1 . Identify techniques to motivate the staff Mindset 1 . Value a open service minded attitude towards guests, colleagues, supervisors and management. 2. Appreciate the value the Front Office brings to the guest experience n a hotel.


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